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Readers Respond: Indiana Grocery Stores That Double Coupons

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Know of a grocery store that will double coupons in Indiana? See one on the Indiana Double Coupons List that doesn't double in your area? This is an ongoing list which will help everyone looking to save on food and get double coupons in their area. Post what you know about double coupon stores in Indiana.

Lebanon doesn't double

None of the stores in Lebanon double. I've gone to Kroger and Walmart and they don't double. Aldi doesn't take coupons that I know of, but they don't have a lot of name brand stuff either.
—Guest Kelly


Marsh, kroger, and meijer in the Camby/Mooresville area do NOT double. Checked as of 9/17/2014 :-(
—Guest Lisa

Kroger in Monticello

Just called (7/31/14) Kroger does NOT double coupons in my town.
—Guest Kara


I live in Northern Indiana and called all of these stores and none of them double at all! very disapointed!
—Guest Mari


What about martins? i read they have a double coupon option.
—Guest Lucy

Harris teeter

Harris teeter which is owned by Kroger doubles coupons one week a month. If Kroger permits them why can't we have the same here at the Kroger stores.
—Guest Sid

Lance's doubles!!

The Lance's Newmarket in Gas City, IN doubles coupons!!
—Guest Katy

Meijer-Southern Indiana

Meijer in Jeffersonville and New Albany both double coupons up to 50 cents. I shop both all the time and use coupons.
—Guest Lisa

kroger and walmart

rumor is walmart is going to start doubling in southern indiana, anyone hear and don't go to krogers in clarksville. they are very nasty to couponers and set new limits everytime you go in.
—Guest shelena

lafayette Meijers

I asked if they doubled coupons and was told only if it is listed in their flyer. So they have only selected times for doubles.
—Guest Steve


Neither Kroger nor Randal's doubles coupons in Houston
—Guest Gloria

New Albany

No one in New Albany area doubles and it they do its only up to .50...whoopie...not worth my time.
—Guest marietsa


Krogers in southern Indiana will double up to $ .50 coupon unlimited all the time but will only take 3 online coupons per transaction
—Guest shelen


Meijers is southern Indiana (Jeffersonville) does not double coupons. What the heck why don't all the same stores have the same policy.
—Guest shelena


Kroger in Bluffton/Decatur area triples coupons up to $.50 with a limit of 2 an order.
—Guest kristen

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