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Readers Respond: Indiana Grocery Stores That Double Coupons

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Know of a grocery store that will double coupons in Indiana? See one on the Indiana Double Coupons List that doesn't double in your area? This is an ongoing list which will help everyone looking to save on food and get double coupons in their area. Post what you know about double coupon stores in Indiana. Know a Store? Post Here.

Southern Indiana

I have called Krogers and Meijers in Jeffersonville, Clarksville and New Albany. They no longer do the double coupons days
—Guest Connie

Coupon Doubling

Albion Village Foods doubles coupons up to and including 1.00. But in general they have higher prices
—Guest Angie

mad in indiana

I dont understand why no stores in Indiana doubles coupons any more. It's unfair that they were doing it and then decided to stop because many people are catching on. It's not our faults they started a deal and decided to stop because people caught on. What next? No use of coupons at all. It's ridiculous!
—Guest amanda

Ellettsville IGA

The IGA in Ellettsville doubles coupons one week per month - posted on the circular.
—Guest Bev


Meijer and Kroger are no longer doubling coupons in the Indy area. One manager told me it was a corporate decision and the show "Extreme Couponing" led to so much "coupon abuse" that they had no choice.
—Guest Victoria

Meijer Portage

Just got off the phone with a Meijer customer service representative in Portage, IN. They told me that Meijer no longer honors double coupons.
—Guest MamaB

Brazil doesn't double!

Nowhere in brazil, in or terre haute, in doubles ever!!!
—Guest Monica

Double Coupons In South Bend/Mishawaka

I just called around today (11.08.2013) the only store in the area that does double couponing is KMart. The restriction is you have to have a rewards card with them, spend at least $25, and they only double the coupons up to $1.00. If someone else knows of another store that doubles, please post on here!
—Guest Sarah

marsh, pay less, and meijer lafayette

These stores no longer double. I just called all three stores. Meijer is offering m perks to hopefully gain "Brand" loyalty. I was used to doubling my coupons at all 3 stores. I just don't know how I an going to afford their prices. Also, before you go to wal-mart and price comp your items, be aware they said they price comp, but the store has to be within 60 miles of them.
—Guest lori

Double Coupons

Evansville, IN does not have any of these store's, nor do we have any other store's that double coupons. The closest one that might, is an hour away.
—Guest Dana

Kroger hates couponers!

I just recently started coupling to save my family of six a bit of money. I started at Kroger "Mishawaka/South Bend area" and the first time went really smooth. The next trip the manager came and monitored every coupon being extremely rude to my children and I. Would not let me do more than two transactions and limited two like coupons per item. I wish they knew how much money I spend there for my huge family. Thanks Kroger for giving the worst treatment I have ever had in my life! Never shopping there again!!
—Guest Ally

Lance's New Markets

Lance's New Markets in NE Indiana double coupons up to $0.50 and have certain times that they triple coupons.
—Guest Becky

Meijer northern Indiana stopping

Meijer now has signs posted in northern Indiana that they will stop doubling the end of March '13
—Guest Chris

Lafayette, IN

Wanted to let everyone know the as of March 30th meijer will NOT double coupons anymore!!!
—Guest Melissa

no more doubling in Columbus

Kroger wasn't doubling here, and as of last Thursday, Marsh has quit. Signs posted in stores.
—Guest Marsha

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Indiana Grocery Stores That Double Coupons

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