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Readers Respond: California Grocery Stores That Double Coupons

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Know of a grocery store that will double coupons in California? See one on the California Double Coupons List that doesn't double in your area? This is an ongoing list which will help everyone looking to save on food and get double coupons in their area. Post what you know about double coupon stores in California. Know a Store? Post Here.


Super A Foods will double coupons up to a dollar and there are 11 stores in southern California in the San Gabriel Valley area.
—Guest Grace M

Ralph's doesn't double coupons

I called a few Ralph's markets and they do to double coupons!
—Guest Sean Days


Walmart will got let you use four coupons on four items listed when the manufacturer wear all four into one plasic cover even though there are four items or cans. I had coupons for four libby canned veggies that would be only fifty cents a can if sold separate. Manufacturer and store tricks.
—Guest jeanette

stores that still double coupons

Looking for grocery store's,and drug stores in California's"Bay Area" that double and triple coupons!
—Guest Adrienne Adams

No Enough Competition

Someone asked why California doesn't double coupons like the rest of the country does. In my opinion, it's because they have very little grocery store competition, compared to the east and south. When I lived in Maryland, I had a dozen grocery chains to choose from. In the SF bay area, there are only three major chains. Safeway dominates California, unlike the other areas of the country. Stores only double coupons to beat or keep up with the competition. No competition, no double coupons.

nobody does any more

Per coupon policies on their web sites, Vons and Ralphs in the Glendale & Burbank areas DO NOT double coupons, do not allow more than one coupon for a specific item per transaction, per customer, per day (so you can have 3 like items but only 1 coupon can be used for one of the 3) and they do not allow "stacking" or the use of a digital coupon combined with a paper coupon or an internet printed coupon. They also limit the # of coupons you may use that renders an item free, they do not pay overages and any minimum thresholds such as $10 min. purchase EXCLUDE a whole list of items toward that threshold amount (dairy items, alcohol, gift cards, tobacco, taxes, bottle deposits, etc). Both stores are coupon unfriendly and both say they can change policies at any time and at store manager's discretion as to refusal or limitations.
—Guest Ninja's Mom

Double Coupons in N. CA

Kmart will double coupons in Clovis, CA for up to 5 coupons AFTER spending $25.


Sorry, no new info here. I have lived in California for 27 years and have never seen double coupons anywhere. I even saw on Extreme Couponing where someone was shopping at Safeway in Maryland, where double couponing was allowed.
—Guest Teresa

no double coupons

No where in SoCal double coupons. I live in Riverside County.
—Guest annette

Double coupons

Super A Market doubles coupons in Paramount, CA. Located on Downey Bulb and Gardendale
—Guest Do

Double cupons

is a shame that in Northen CA there is not one double cupon store CA is one of the most expensive State to live in any information on double cuponing Stores will be apracciated. We Live in Sacramento CA
—Guest Odette Poppert

Double coupons

Major Market in Fallbrook no longer doubles coupons.
—Guest Karen

I agree With Andrea

If someone can manage a shopping trip in Northern California, SF bay are, Peninsula or East Bay, and walk out with HUGE savings. I too would be VERY impressed to see a successful Extreme coupon shopper accomplish this up here in NorCal. And then I want to know the secret!
—Guest Ailecs

Save Mart Does not Double in NO. Ca

I went to their website and they don't double. Darn it http://www.savemart.com/coupon-policy
—Guest Julie

Riverside county double coupon stores

Kmart seems to be the best because if you have an overage you can a get gift card for the amount of the overage. Also looking to start a coupon club and interested in gathering from others and trading.
—Guest bolduccoupon@gmail.com

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California Grocery Stores That Double Coupons

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