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Readers Respond: California Grocery Stores That Double Coupons

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Know of a grocery store that will double coupons in California? See one on the California Double Coupons List that doesn't double in your area? This is an ongoing list which will help everyone looking to save on food and get double coupons in their area. Post what you know about double coupon stores in California.

kmart doubles coupons

Kmart will double your coupons if you are a shop your way member (free to sign up), but they have a strict policy. Only 4 like coupons can be used per transaction...check your local store fore details. Not great for groceries but at least this will help with household items!
—Guest newtocoup

Response to steedman1: Vons Coupons

If Vons had stated that they would "triple all coupons one dollar and under", then this would mean that the coupons that they triple would need to add up to three dollars. However, they are just stating that they will "triple coupons up to one dollar." This obviously means they will only allow you to get maximum of one dollar off a product. It is not a sham, you are just reading it wrong!
—Guest OCMom

Not True

I called each of the store and ALL of them say that they DO NOT double coupons.
—Guest Nope

Double coupon in San Diego CA

Foodland in san diego CA. Can double coupons up to $1. If you use a$1 coupon can be double every day.
—Guest judith

with no doubling

I live in Sonoma county as well, and while yes, any $ saved is good thing, I'm almost willing to stock up on NV coupons and drive 4 hrs with iced coolers in my truck to get the deals the manufacture companies put out there to be used! To bad I would spend every last cent I saved IN GAS! Ugh dont get me started there.
—Guest Had-it-to-here

So Cal Stores the Double and

Vons, Pavillions, and Ralphs all double in SO Cal. Albertsons issues double the value coupons that you can use with a coupon one time and it will double up to $1. Check out www.socalmodgal.com they have some great tips to get you going with couponing!
—Guest Coupon Gal

coupon doubling 01.29.2012

Just spent some time calling places in Lancaster/Palmdale, CA area *Food for Less takes in store coupon plus manufacturer Ralphs in lancaster doubles up to $1.00 *Vons in lancaster doubles up to $1.00 and accepts in store coupon with manufacturer coupon
—Guest lasstew

Double Couponing for California

Lets start this facebook page and get grocery stores to listen! We want benefits of double coupons as well! In other states it is allowed. Up to $1.00 in savings per coupon, no mulitples. Its ridiculous! Go to Facebook look for "Double Couponing for California" and Like add comments!
—Guest Angela

Double Coupon

Vons @ 500 E Manchester Inglewood Ca. 90301 will Double a coupon .50 and under.
—Guest Treena

bargain babe

Is there any stores in San Diego county that double coupons?
—Guest Lisa

Modesto Area

I'm extremely new to the wonderful world of couponing but I'm wondering why Safeway doesn't do it if vons does. I thought they were owned by the same company. We might be able to use this angle in campaigning for at least some doubling like up to $1.00 but on the other hand, raising a stink might pull all doubling entirely at all stores. The tv shows are NOT helping! The doubling programs are a marketing strategy for getting customers in their store. Most people aren't big coupon users if at all. Now that its become sensationalized, that marketing ploy is no longer economically viable. My only other thought is to check with locally owned grocery stores. I am beginning to switch over. I refuse to continue supporting stores like walmart, and I want to support local business in my community. I feel it's just common sense in an economy like this. Plus I live in the central valley so there's tons of fresh produce available at farmers markets and fruit stands.
—Guest Jessica


Solarise in Paso Robles ca doubles coupons up to $1.
—Guest robyn johnson

No Double coupons

We are a military family. So we have experienced many areas of the country. An earlier post said "Ca doesn't double coupons b/c groceries are cheap here." I can attest that groceries are not cheap here. MANY other areas of the country with lower prices honor the double and triple coupons.

Ralphs will double

I live in the Downey/Norwalk area (5 miles from downtown LA) and I shop at Ralph's. All of the Ralph's I've went to in this area double coupons up to 50 cents; and they only double one coupon if you have duplicates. If the coupon is over 79 cents in value, instead of doubling, they give 25 cents off in addition to the savings of the coupon. Not too bad and MUCH better and cheaper than Stater Brothers. Anyways, check your local Ralph's.
—Guest TJ Willis

Apparently IGA doubles coupons everyday.

I'll have to look more into this. I usually shopped at Ralph's until they smacked down hard on their "will double only first like coupon." I was just looking at the circulars for the other grocery stores in my area and seen in bold letter, "DOUBLE COUPONS EVERYDAY!!!". I'll definitely have to look more into this! May be my new favorite store.
—Guest Sophia

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