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Readers Respond: Does Your Grocery Store Accept Internet Coupons?

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There are many online resources for shoppers to print grocery coupons, but what stores accept them? Does your store? If so, let us know the details such as the store name, location, and what terms they have about redeeming printed internet coupons.

My stores stop taking internet coupons

I was told by Smith's & Basha's were not longer accepting home printed coupons from online. This is sad as it helps me save money with coupons.
—Guest Pandabear

Hanover, PA

Any of the Giant Food, Weis Markets, or Food Lion stores around the 17332 or 17334 area accept coupons?

Albertsons in NM accepts internet coupon

Albertsons in Las Cruces, NM accepts internet coupons.
—Guest Coupon4me

internet coupons/

The walmart accepts internet coupons, but there prices are really high compared with other stores that don't. Foodtown, the manager has to check them. to ensure that you are not using copies of coupons.
—Guest ginaalex77077

Ridley's Jerome idaho

Ridley's in Jerome Idaho decided yesterday not to accept printed coupons and did not post it, just refuse them at the checkout – embarrassing! The checker even told me I was trying to pass fake coupons in front of everyone in the store. I had $250 in groceries in my cart and $9.50 in coupons...Go Figure.
—Guest Mom in Idaho

Guest Anna

Dollar General started accepting Internet coupons a couple of months ago.
—Guest Anna T.


Market Basket Supermarkets in New Hampshire accept internet coupons.

Walmart and Giant Eagle

Do the Giant Eagles in Somerset and Johnstown accept internet coupons? Do the Walmarts in Johnstown, PA; Ebensburg, PA; Mt. Pleasant, PA; Latrobe, PA, and Greensburg, PA accept internet coupons? ---- Donna Montaldo says: Walmart has a corporate policy posted on its site that states it accepts internet coupons. There may be some stores excluded from the corporate policy, but I wouldn't take no for an answer until I contacted the corporate customer services department for verification.


I live in Kingwood, Texas. Kroger and Randall both accept printable coupons, as do Walgreens and CVS.
—Guest Shanna

Grocery Store Accept Internet Coupons

The BI-LO Store in Etowah, Tn accepts internet coupons and even doubles them up to .60. You can even print off coupons from their website. Also the Save-A-Lot stores accepts internet coupons and you can print coupons from their website as well but they do not double coupons.


Schnucks Centralia,Il 62801 Walmart Centralia,Il 62801
—Guest Elkaya

My Store Does Not Accept Internet Coupon

Walmart Supercenter in my city does not accept internet coupons. I was surprised when I handed the pharmacy a coupon on Claritin and they turned it down quickly.
—Guest Crystal Newhouse

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