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Preparing the Final Stages of Your Garage Sale

Ideas for Garage Sale Success


Garage Sale

Garage Sale

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The time is getting close and you are almost ready to open your home for business. Before you do, consider these ideas:

  • Have calculators, pens, newspaper to wrap breakables, boxes, and bags handy.
  • Have plenty of change and one dollar bills on hand.
  • Set up a secure area for your sales transactions to enable you to keep a close eye on your money box.
  • Inform your direct neighbors that you are having a garage sale. Offer to rope their yard so people don't park on their grass.
  • Have extension cords plugged into outlets so that electrical items can be tested.
  • Plan to set an inviting mood by playing soft, easy-listening music.
  • If you are short on help, consider wearing a 3-pocket apron or a fanny-wrapper purse, so that you can keep your money near you while you mingle with your shoppers.


    The Day of Your Garage Sale

    Avoid letting early-birds in before the actual time that your sale starts. It is considered discourteous to those who respect your advertised time. Plus, they tend to scoop up all the good stuff and haggle you while you are still in your pajamas.

    If people ask to use your restroom, be prepared to politely tell them no. No one should go inside your home or to an area of your house that is not opened to the public.

    If you start to get a lot of cash, locking it in your car is an option if you can not leave the crowds to go into your house.


    Clean Up

    Remove all of your signs as soon as the sale has ended. Your neighbors will appreciate it and latecomers will not be endlessly ringing your door bell.

    Lastly, grab a hot cup of coffee, go sit in your favorite chair, and count all the money you just made from your hard work.

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