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Outlet Malls In the USA

Outlet Shopping Across America


Organize your next trip to the outlet mall by knowing in advance where the mall is located, what is on sale, if the outlet offers special group discounts, when special events such as sidewalk sales are scheduled and other time-saving and money-saving information.
  • Outlet Malls in the Northeast
Bargain hunters will find a large assortment of designer merchandise with savings between 20 to 60 percent off the retail price while enjoying the many scenic places around the northeast.

Regional Highlight: For upscale merchandise, Secaucus, New Jersey, has a wonderful collection of top designer and manufacturer's outlet stores. If you are visiting New York or Newark, the trip to Secaucus is short and well worth it for big savings on fantastic merchandise.

Profiles of Northeast Outlet Malls:

  • Outlet Malls in the Southeast
The south is known for its southern charm, warm summer breezes and great hospitality. The outlet malls within the southern states share all of those qualities along with offering a collective 485 top brand names at discount prices.

Regional Highlight: Carolina Premium Outlets in Smithfield, North Carolina, is located off of I-95, just 35 minutes southeast of Raleigh. It is home to over 80 great outlet stores and growing.

Profiles of Southeast Outlet Malls:

  • Outlet Malls in the Southwest
The southwest has such wonderful Spanish, Mexican, and American Indian influences and many of the outlet malls are built to complement the various cultures. With the recent increase in population in many of the major southwest cities the retail growth has been tremendous and the outlet segment has kept up the pace.

Regional Highlight: Prime Outlets in San Marcos, Texas, is a huge outlet mall designed after the Piazza San Marco in Venice, Italy. The entertainment and dining matches the great choices of stores. Recently ranked the third best place to shop in the world as seen on ABC's "The View," San Marcos - Prime Outlet is one mall you don't want to skip.

Profiles of Southwest Outlet Malls:

  • Outlet Malls in the Midwest
It is hard to think about the midwest without thinking about some of the great cities located there. You may have to drive several miles to an outlet, but the drive may be surrounded by lovely farmland. It is always a surprise to suddenly see an outlet mall nestled around fields of corn, but that is just one of the jewels found in the midwest.

Regional Highlight: Gurnee Mills, located midway between Chicago and Milwaukee, has a store list which reads like a "whose who" in retail. Shoppers can find all the top, popular stores for fashion, gifts and home accessories.

Profiles of Midwest Outlet Malls:

  • Outlet Malls in the Northwest
Anyone who loves the outdoors loves the northwest. For many of us living in other parts of the United States, much of the northwest is an enigma, overwhelming us with its majestic beauty. One would not think of this region as a place populated with outlet malls, and admittedly, you won't find one on every corner. Like everywhere else, it just takes knowing where to look.

Regional Highlight: Located close to I-84, Boise Factory Outlets in Idaho's state capitol, has over 400 brand names for bargain hunters to shop. If flying into Boise, the outlet is just three minutes away, making it very easy to get a little shopping in between layovers.

Profiles of Northwest Outlet Malls:

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