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Thrifty Shoppers Bend to Save Money

Shopping Bargain Tips


Thrifty shoppers looking for good deals at grocery stores all have a secret weapon - they are willing to bend down. How does bending down save money? Grocery store merchandisers know that most people do not like to bend down, so many times the best deals are stocked on the lower shelves.

Items the stores really want you to buy are shelved at the more convenient eye and chest level and all that is required for getting one to put in the grocery basket is a simple reach.

Why People Don't Bend

  • Restrictive Clothing

    People shopping after work in business clothes probably will feel too constricted to do a lot of bending. Who wants to back out of the store with ripped pants, right? A good solution is to dress comfortably when shopping. Avoid plunging necklines, straight skirts, tight jeans and tight belts.

    If you want to comfortably check out those bottom shelves, wear mini-workout outfits which are more conducive to bending down and around the grocery store aisles to find the best deals.

  • The Fear of Losing Your Balance

    If you have a fear of tumbling over and ending up sprawled out on the floor try using the grocery cart to help steady yourself. Bending and looking at lower shelves is an awkward position.

  • Dropping Things

    Anything loose may fall out when bending and require even more bending to pick up (ugh.) Glasses, wallets, keys, anything in pockets are at risk of sailing down the grocery store aisles. Remove the fear and secure loose items.

Getting into the habit of bending while shopping will pay off. Not only will you save money, but you get the added benefit of getting a mini-workout. Now that's a win-win situation.

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