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What is Foursquare?

Learn the Basics of Using Foursquare - The Popular Social Networking Service


Foursquare Iphone Screenshot -Friends List

Foursquare Iphone Screenshot -Friends List

Have you been hearing about Foursquare and wondered what it is? Or better yet, why you should have it? Here you will learn the basics of what Foursquare is, how to get started and how to earn Foursquare points, Foursquare badges and mayorships.

What is Foursquare?

Foursquare is a geo-location social-networking service that enables people using the web and mobile phones to connect with others and share information about different places, including restaurants, retail stores, museums, theaters, churches, parks and anywhere. This is done by "checking in" from a location and sharing information about that location with friends.

Along with sharing information, friends compete for bragging rights by earning Foursquare points and badges based on how many times they check from a particular location.

Geo-location? What is That?

Geo-location is the term used to describe the ability to determine the geographical location of where people are located. This information can be retrieved in many ways, including by being connected to the internet, Wi-Fi connections and through GPS coordinates.

When referring to geo-location in reference to Foursquare, the geographical location of members is detected through their phone's GPS or computer when they are connected to the internet.

The Foursquare game is all about sharing tips about different locations and through geo-location technology, members can locate new places to try, find other members at a particular venue, find specials near or at a venue, and win points and sometimes discounts for being at a particular business or place.

What Do You Need to Participate in Foursquare?

To get the full advantage out of becoming a Foursquare member you will need a GPS enabled mobile phone, laptop or computer.

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