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Before You Buy a New Blanket


Buying the right kind of blanket can make the difference between being comfortable or uncomfortable. Find out about the different types of blankets, what to look for in electric blankets and tips on finding the the best prices.

Cotton Blankets

Cotton blankets are widely used because of the versatility in look, styling and color that is available. They are excellent as a layering piece to enhance your bed or to use alone. For hot-natured people, a cotton blanket is often all that is needed to stay comfortable on a winter night. Cost can range depending on the type of cotton that is used for construction but you can always find styles that are very affordable and easy to care for.

Down Blankets

Down blankets are known for durability and comfort as well as luxurious beauty. For those who like to snuggle under a blanket, down blankets are cozy, cool to the touch yet warm underneath to keep you comfortable while you sleep. This is a good choice for those who run a little warm-natured.

Electric Blankets

Warm up your bed to the temperature that keeps you cozy and comforted all night long. If you haven't shopped for an electric blanket in awhile you may be quite pleased with the new brands that offer wire free designs utilizing a conductive tape that offers even heating and lightweight elegance. For a less expensive alternative, the traditional electric blanket is available at prices not much above non-electric blankets and still offer softness and lightweight warmth. Take advantage of the end-of-season sales and keep your bed toasty and luxurious.

Fleece Blankets

Enjoy the ultra-soft, plush feel of fleece and stay super warm through the winter months. Generally they are light-weight and easy to care for because of polyester and other synthetic fibers used for construction.

Wool Blankets

Enjoy the durability and warmth of owning a wool blanket. For those sensitive to wool, consider a cotton covered blanket that is wool filled. A lightweight weave can be used year round. Wool blankets often come in a wide selection of plaids, and colorful solids that will enhance the decor. Because of the durability of wool, you'll find it will last a long time, so choosing neutral colors will blend in with popular colors now or in years to come.

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