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The Different Types of Bed Sheets

Learn Good Quality Sheets From Average


Buying bed sheets can be a bit complicated. What we do know for sure is what we like and dislike about the sheets we own. But knowing what kind of sheets to ask for will help ensure we get the feel and fit we expect. Also, knowing the difference of really good sheets compared to average sheets will help during the white sales. We may luck out and find top quality sheet sets for lower quality prices.

Below is a description of common sheets found at the stores and what makes each one different.

Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Long staple variety from Egypt with fiber length of around 1 3/8" known for it's luxurious softness. At one time Egyptian cotton sheets were sold primarily in the more expensive stores but today you can find them in most linen departments. The longer the fiber, the more luxurious and durable the grade of cotton.

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Pima Cotton Sheets

Known for it's strength and durability Pima cotton was developed in the southwestern U.S by a careful breeding of Egyptian cottons which fiber length averages 1 1/2".
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SuPima Cotton Sheets

SuPima is a certification mark used by members of the SuPima Association of America and certifies that the fabric is 100% Southwestern cotton grown by members of the association.
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Sateen Sheets

Sateen Sheets have a stitch of four over, one under, placing the most threads on the surface, making it lustrous and smooth, although not as durable as other weaves.
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This is a stitch of two over and one under. It is very durable but not as soft as other weaves.

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