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One of the advantages of shopping and buying in our local stores is the support we show to local businesses and the contributions we make to the community through paying sales tax and helping to keep people employed. The great news is that we can do all of that plus save by knowing when to shop, where to find the deals and which stores, restaurants and services offers the best coupons and bargains.
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Printable Coupons

Using grocery coupons to cut the high cost of food and personal items has become the trend as the economy continues to tighten the rope around our household budgets.

Grocery Shopping Savings

Many of our monthly expenses are fixed, but grocery shopping provides our best opportunity to trim the family budget. Couponing, buying sale items and using generic brands are just a few ways to save money. Knowing the "tricks" food manufacturers and grocery stores use to try to get us to spend more is also helpful. These articles look at many factors that can help trim the fat from our grocery bills.

Outlet Mall Shopping

Outlet Malls are packed with end-of-season savings and rock-bottom prices on name brand merchandise. In almost all of the national outlet centers, savvy shoppers can boost their savings by obtaining coupon books, group discounts, incentive VIP cards, and shopping seasonal side-walk sales. For anyone who enjoys buying quality merchandise at discount prices, shopping at many of the outlet centers can be an excellent way to save money.

Restaurant Savings

Going out to eat is fun and it does not have to be super expensive. There are ways to dine out and save whether you are going to a pricey restaurant or just ordering pizza. The restaurant business is highly competitive and smart restaurant owners know that in today's world it takes more than just a great chef and an excellent menu to capture and keep a loyal clientele.

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