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Couponing 101 - Coupons & Refunding Basics


Couponing and refunding has long been a popular way for thrifty shoppers to save money. Exploring all the different places to find coupons, keeping everything organized for easy retrieval and learning the steps to compound discounts will help maximize your savings. These resources will help you learn basic coupon and refunding strategies whether you want to clip coupons as a hobby or turn it into a more involved full-time project.
  1. Finding, Organizing and Using Coupons
  2. Refunding Basics
  3. Saving With Rebates

Finding, Organizing and Using Coupons

Where to Find Coupons

Food has increased in price more in the last two years than over the entire decade. As a result, more people are turning to coupons to help cut back on their grocery bills. For casual coupon clippers, it can mean a $50 a month savings. For those who spend more time collecting, comparing and organizing, it can cut the grocery bill in half or more. The average family spends $8,600 annually on groceries. Trimming 20 percent off by using coupons would save more than $1,700 a year. So let's get going! Here are the basics you need to save with coupons.

Refunding Basics

Refunding Basics

Refunding is a way to save money on food, personal products and items for your auto and home. Unlike clipping coupons, refunding often requires keeping proof-of-purchase forms, refund forms, register receipts and more. All the extra work is well worth the time spent when in exchange you can eventually fill tables with free products. The following articles will introduce you to good refunding practices for increased savings.

Saving With Rebates

Saving With Rebates

Many people are turned off by rebates because of bad experiences of not receiving the promised rebate or because it's too much of a hassle. But savvy shoppers know many of the best deals involve sending in rebate forms. There are methods which help insure that the rebate process goes smoothly and what to do if the rebate check never shows up.

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