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Before You Buy Groceries


Shopping at the grocery store and actually topping out your savings potential can take more than just using coupons. Understanding why grocers do what they do also helps in making smart selections. The following articles offers an inside look into how grocery stores use many methods to capture the most dollars from their shoppers.

Also, shoppers today have more options when looking to save on groceries. Get tips on what those options are and how to make them work for you.

Grocery Store Loyalty Programs

The debate regarding grocery store discount cards and the real value in participating in such programs has been going on since the concept was first initiated. The big question of course is does the consumer really save by utilizing these programs and are the savings worth the loss of privacy to shoppers? These articles investigate those questions.

Marketing Used by Grocery Stores to Influence Your Spending

Grocery store executives go to a lot of expense to make sure you spend money in their stores. By knowing and understanding what some of these methods are, you can resist the temptations they create, which will result in you making the best deal, not just the most visually appealing deal.

Grocery Shopping Beyond Your Local Grocery Store

Being loyal to one or two local grocery stores is not a bad strategy for saving money, but there are other options which could offer better deals. Combining your options and shopping beyond just your local grocery store will save you money.

Grocery Shopping Online - Then and Now

Internet scams have resulted in many grocery stores and food manufacturers to take a back seat in growth on the Internet. However things are changing as more security measures are put in place. More grocery stores offer interactive Web sites and printable coupon options. These articles take a look at the future of grocery shopping online.
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