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How to Find Coupons That You Want

Learn How to Find Coupons for Grocery Products That You Buy


Coupons can be found everywhere! The more accustomed we become to collecting and using coupons, the more coupons will turn up. The following articles will help everyone get started on building a great collection of coupons for food, entertainment savings and products for the and beauty and health. Other Sources for Finding Coupons
The only tools you will need for successful couponing is a small pair of scissors and knowing where to look.

Product Packaging

Many manufacturers include valuable coupons and rebate forms inside or on product packaging.

Online Printable Coupons

Manufacturers' Web sites
Manufacturers will sometimes display coupons and other promotional information on their Web sites. Often visitors are asked to complete forms and provide email addresses in order to print the coupon.

Free Grocery Coupon Sites
There are Web sites designed exclusively for shoppers looking for printable grocery and drug store coupons. Some of the sites have agreements with national grocery stores and provide store specific coupons. Other sites have national manufacturer coupons, but also have agreements with grocery store chains to accept the coupons.

Not all grocery stores will accept online printed coupons because of the increase in coupon fraud over the past years. Ask your grocery store manager what the store policy is on printable coupons.

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Grocery Store Websites
Almost all large grocery store chains now have Web sites and many times include coupons, loyalty club perks and weekly circulars posted. This can be a great source for compounding coupon and sales for extra savings.

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Auction sites such as eBay have become a popular source for finding printable coupons. Selling coupons is illegal, however charging for the time spent to collect and organize the coupons is legal. Because of this loophole, there are many coupons available on auction sites. Usually the coupons up for auction come in a bundle, such as 20 coupons for a specific baby food, which makes it a valuable source for items purchased in bulk.

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Free Product Offers and Junk Mail
One way to get consumers to try a new product is to offer a free trial size. Many times we avoid such offers because of the fear of getting bombarded with junk mail. But almost always a coupon will come along with the free product. Also, junk mail can be a good source for coupons. If dealt with daily by separating the good from the bad, junk mail can be something coupon clippers actually look forward to seeing in the mailbox.

The Phone Book
There are always great coupons for saving at local stores and services inside the phone book and many times they go unclipped. Often you will find coupons for dry cleaning services, hair salons, auto service and restaurants.

Direct Mail
Companies such as Valpak send monthly coupons through the mail. Most of the time the coupons are targeted at service-related local companies, restaurants and home maintenance. Valpak coupons can also be viewed online.

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