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Aunt Jemima Coupons - Aunt Jemima Printable Coupons

Finding Aunt Jemima Coupons


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Aunt Jemima coupons can be found in newspaper inserts such as Red Plum and inside Aunt Jemima packaging. Another good source for Aunt Jemima coupons is inside your grocery stores or on grocery store websites where they advertise weekly in-store coupons. This is because they are distributed most often through grocery store chains rather through national distribution.

- $1 off two boxes of Aunt Jemima
To get the coupon you will need to watch the video on the Aunt Jemina Facebook page.
Offer good while supplies last.

More About Printable Aunt Jemima Coupons

Finding Aunt Jemima printable coupons can be a challenge sometimes. The first place to start would be on the Printable Grocery Coupon List. I suggest scanning both the grocery coupon list and the baking coupon list. You should also check out the Newest Grocery Coupons Posted which has the most recent printable grocery coupons.

Other Sources for Printable Coupons

Other sources for printable Aunt Jemima coupons includes:

Other Ways to Save on Aunt Jemima Products

CVS shoppers often luck out and find Aunt Jemima syrup and Aunt Jemima pancake mix on sale. This can turn into a great deal if you have an Aunt Jemima coupon because you can use it on the sale products to increase your savings. This same extra savings is also allowed at Target and Walmart and with most national grocery store chains.

Find Aunt Jemima On Sale, Online

If you are looking for discounted Aunt Jemima products online, check out the grocery section of Amazon.com. Amazon often has some Aunt Jemima products in bulk sizes on sale. As an example, my search on Amazon displayed Aunt Jemima Deluxe Complete Pancake and Waffle Mix Two 5 Pound Boxes on sale for $16.89 (reg. price $20) which is a good savings. Sale items change constantly which means you will need to check the site on a regular basis. However, before making a purchase online, consider the cost of shipping. If you cannot get the item with free shipping you will generally lose the savings of finding it on sale.

More About Aunt Jemima

Aunt Jemima has been around since 1889 when Chris Rutt and Charles Underwood of the Pearl Milling Company developed its first ready mix. In 1926, the Aunt Jemima Mills Company was purchased by the Quaker Oats company and the product line began to expand. It wasn't until 1968 that the first frozen product (the waffle) was introduced.

In 1996, Aunt Jemima frozen products were licensed out to Pinnacle Foods Corporation. The non-frozen products have remained with Quaker Oats which is owned by PepsiCo.

Contact Information :

For Aunt Jemima frozen products, contact Pinnacle Foods.

For all other Aunt Jemima products, contact The Quaker Oats Company:
  • Mail: The Quaker Oats Company
    P.O. Box 049003
    Chicago, IL 60604-9003

  • Call toll free at 1-800-407-2247
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