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Outlet Centers Opening at Midnight on Black Friday

Find Black Friday Sales, Early Bird Promotions and Special Discounts


Outlet malls have become a popular shopping destination over the Thanksgiving weekend holiday. To compete with the regional malls, many outlets now open at midnight on Black Friday and offer hours of special savings, coupons and Thanksgiving sales.

Many of the outlets also post online what the sales will be for the individual stores as well as additional coupons and VIP coupon books. This can amount to substantial savings when you add the increased savings along with the already discounted prices found at the outlet stores. Below are popular outlets with holiday hours and links to coupons and specials.

Because outlet stores do not always have to follow the outlet mall hours, it is a good idea to call a particular store you are interested in shopping during special mall hours. Many times select outlet stores will open earlier than the outlet mall's advertised hours. Also, outlet hours can change based on store participation.

Outlet Malls - Black Friday and Thanksgiving Weekend Hours, Midnight Madness Sales and Special Promotions:

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