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Surviving a Recession - Finding Money, Saving Money and Spending Money

Top 10 Ways to Find, Save and Spend Money During Tight Times


Looking for ways to save money during tight times? Here is a list of ways to save on everything from food to entertainment and where to find quick cash for the small things you really want to buy.

Consignment Shopping Saves You Money

Buying at secondhand stores offers thrifty shoppers a wonderful way to extend their buying dollars. For the newly pregnant mother, maternity clothing is abundant. Brides on a budget can find beautiful wedding dresses at a 90 percent savings. Parents can also find a huge selection of slightly used baby clothing and furniture at a fraction of the retail costs. Furniture, clothing, luggage, books and small appliances are just a few of the things you can buy for less at consignment shops.

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Learning How to Haggle

The Art of Haggling
Whether one haggles for a great deal on a new pair of jeans, a dishwasher, the bid on having the house painted or the cost of a child's new braces, entering into price negotiation is smart and will often result in getting a lower price.

Finding Grocery Store Coupons

Grocery Bag
Do you wonder where people find all the coupons they turn in at the cash register? Coupons can be found everywhere. The more accustomed we become to collecting and using coupons, the more coupons will turn up. If you are new to using coupons, go ahead and take the plunge. The following article will tell you where to fine grocery store coupons now so you can immediately start saving on food.

Using and Finding Online Coupon Codes and Promo Links

Save Using Online Coupons
Learn how to use online coupon codes, promotional links, and special online only discounts to save money on your online purchases. Many times online stores will offer promotions not available in your local store and will include free shipping to the store. It only takes a minute to find an online coupon and well worth the potential savings.

Grocery Store Shopping Essentials

Grocery Shopper
Grocery store shopping essentials are what could be considered the tools of the trade. You may not need them everyday, but when you do need them you do not want to go hunting for them. This list is made up of tools which are in highest demand among savvy grocery store shoppers.

Cutting Entertainment Costs But Still Having Fun

Cheap Thrills
Having fun should not be rated by how much money you spend. Here are cost-cutting ideas that can help stretch your "fun" dollars and many are at the best bargain price, free.

Garage Sales - Turn Junk Into Cash

Garage Sale
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Garage sales are not hard to do. All it takes is some time, a few organizational skills, a tad of marketing and you will be on your way to turning your junk into cash.

Save on Gas - Tips to Improve Mileage

Saving on Gas
Buying gas to get back and forth to work is not fun, but there is a certain amount of satisfaction you get when you know you are making a dent in the major expense of buying gas.

Buy New and Used Books for Less

Book lovers helped write the following tips on buying and selling used books and the suggestions are fantastic. For example, if you buy a book as a gift for someone, check out sites like Amazon which will allow you to include an online copy for next to nothing. You can give the gift and keep the downloaded version for yourself. Check out other ways to save or make money on books.

Wedding Cost Cutters

Wedding Cost Cutters
Here is a collection of resources designed to help cut the cost of your wedding. Find bargains on things such as bridal gowns, invitations, announcements, wedding accessories, flowers, and reception decor. Learn helpful tips for cutting costs without sacrificing quality for your wedding day.

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