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How To Send A Rebate

Failure to Follow Rebate Redemption Instructions Can Result In Rejection


To avoid having your rebate request rejected, follow these guidelines:
  • Keep all receipts for items you will get rebates for. Companies may make you mail either copies or originals of all receipts.

  • Send in you're rebates as quickly as possible. Many companies have a period as short as seven days for consumers to send in their documentation.

  • Save the box. A rebate application may require the UPC code off of the packaging that the product came in.

  • Always sort your mail carefully. Many rebate checks are created to look like junk mail. Don't be fooled.

  • Make copies of every element of your application. Companies have been known to ask for you to resubmit, citing a mistake or loss of an application so copies of everything are a must.

  • Have the appropriate numbers for follow up. You may have to contact the company if the rebate doesn't arrive as promised.
Remember that companies are hoping you fail to follow instructions and make huge profits in customers who give up on trying to get their rebates.

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