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Clearing Houses and Clearing House Phone Numbers

Refunders Turn to Clearing Houses In Search of Unpaid Refunds


Many times we send in a refund form then wait weeks for the refund to arrive. Many times we wait and it never arrives! But refunders who keep good records won't give up a premium offer without a fight. They will begin calling the clearing house where the refund was sent a week after it the date it was scheduled to arrive.

Tips on Calling To Check On a Refund Offer

Get all the pertinent information in front of you before you call. If you've been keeping a record notebook, this will involve simply finding the page where you listed the refund information. Regardless of what system you use, have as many details about the offer available. This includes the date you sent the refund form in for reimbursement and the date you should have received it.

Top Clearing Houses

  • Accra-Data: 1-800-333-0385
  • American Redemption: 1-800-782-6116
  • Continental Marketing (St. Cloud, MN) 1-800-828-0663
  • Continental Marketing (Tempe, AZ) 1-800-272-4274
  • Coresco: 1-800-445-4275
  • CRC: 1-800-441-5449
  • EPI Fulfillment: 1-800-562-9733
  • Fulfillment Systems: 1-800-227-4002
  • Gage Marketing: 1-800-926-7705
  • Harte-Hanks: 1-800-835-8353<br>
  • Kraft Promotional Service Center: 1-800-435-0917
  • Lee Marketing: (Mt. Prospect, IL) 1-800-752-4478
  • Lee Marketing: (Nielson, IL) 1-800-833-7096
  • Lee Marketing: 1-800-351-6045
  • Nationwide Marketing: 1-800-533-5701
  • Right Choice: 1-800-462-4886
  • Tri-Star Marketing: 1-800-732-0989
  • United Marketing Services: 1-800-888-8463
  • USA Fulfillment: 1-800-787-6060
  • Winston-Salem: 1-800-252-3500
  • Young America Corporation: 1-800-926-8814
Be relentless! Many refund offers are designed to make it so complicated the refunder gives up.

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