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Tips for Visiting the World's Longest Yardsale

Preparing For Massive Treasure Hunting


Items to Bring:
  • Layered Clothing - Traditionally the weather is very hot during the day but in early morning and evening hours it can drop down to 40 degrees so pack accordingly with layered clothing. A short-sleeved t-shirt under a warm sweater usually accommodates most temperatures you'll encounter.
  • Rain Protection - A lightweight folded hooded rain jacket is a must. You can bet that you will run into rain showers that disappear as quickly as they come. Umbrellas are cumbersome and a shopping burden.
  • Comfortable Shoes - With the rain comes the mud, especially if you're shopping in one of the clusters set up on vacant land. Pack a few pair of your most comfortable walking shoes so that you can switch them out as needed.
  • Sun Protection - Did I mention it gets hot? In fact, it can get down right toasty at times. Pack sunscreen, sunglasses (on a string if you pull them off when inspecting items), and a hat to help keep the strong sun from baking you.
  • Shopping Bags, Boxes, Newspaper - Many vendors will do not have packing materials or they run out fairly quickly. Just like your local yard sales, you will need to bring boxes, bags, and newspaper to help protect the things that you buy. Boxes help keep items contained so that they do not slide around as you drive through the hilly terrain. Depending on space, if you have a shredder at home, throw the contents into a few shopping bags. Shredding is a great way to protect breakables.
  • Box of Plastic Garbage Bags - You will find multiple purposes for plastic garbage bags including using them to protect your car interior from mud and dust. Layering your unoccupied car seats, car floor, trunk, or SUV storage area will help prevent staining the carpets and seats.
  • Cash - Lots of it! Bring a variety of small bills and a few rolled quarters and nickels. Most vendors do not accept personal checks or credit cards. Do not depend on ATM machines to bail you out if you run out of cash because by Saturday morning, most of the machines are empty.
  • Toiletries - Toilet tissue, liquid anti-bacterial hand soap, paper towels, anti-bacterial hand gels (that do not require water), lightly scented body mist, and if space permits, a package of inexpensive wash cloths will all become invaluable as you visit the many port-a-lets along the route. Public restrooms are a hot commodity and whenever the opportunity arises that you can get to one - seize the moment! Many of the public restrooms such as those normally found at gas stations, are closed during the event.
  • Shopping Aides - Measuring tape, small flashlight, magnifying glass, a small screwdriver, plastic baggies, and compact nylon shopping bags are helpful have on hand as you treasure hunt.
  • Snack Cooler - Refreshments are available in route but you will want to stock up on bottled water, fruit, and snacks for the drive from one destination to another. Coolers also come in handy when buying some of the more unusual vendor food items that you will come across on your travels.
  • Rope, Bungee Cords and Tarps - For those moments when loading your vehicle becomes challenging. (I once hauled back an eight-foot long church pew with most of it hanging out of the back of my mustang!)

  • Maps and Directions - Utilize the Internet for directions at sites such as MapQuest and invest in a good road map before you go. Map out the area attractions that you want to visit before you go.
  • Cell Phone - Cell phones are a help any time you are on the road in case of breakdowns or road emergencies but they serve a dual purpose during the World's Largest Garage Sale because you will likely see something that would be perfect for a friend back home or your daughter's new apartment. The newer phones that include the option to send photos will allow you to send the picture to however you are making a purchase for, before you buy it.
  • Antique Reference Guide - I found myself running back to my car to look up items throughout the event. Carrying one as you shop would become bothersome however having one close at hand help me to pick up some very cool collectables!

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