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The World's Longest Yardsale

690 Miles of Treasure Hunting


The "World's Longest Yardsale" spans over six states and includes 690 miles of scenic back roads and majestic beauty that for four days turns into one huge yard sale from Addison, Michigan to Gadsden, Alabama.

Thousands of visitors enjoy the opportunity to treasure hunt along the route and participation can include an old antique sitting in the front yard of one's home, to clusters of sellers set-up to showcase their items on vacant land and community centers.

The sale officially begins the first Thursday of August each year.

The World's Longest Yard Sale began as a way to demonstrate the tremendous cultural advantages of traveling the back roads in Kentucky.

Originally referred to the Us 127 Corridor Sale in 1987, the event was coordinated with lists of attractions along the route in Kentucky and Tennessee.

Today the event begins at Addison, Michigan and runs south to Chattanooga then onto Lookout Mountain Parkway, continuing to Cloudland, Georgia and Gadsden, Alabama.

Along with the tremendous treasure hunting opportunities, the event offers visitors an invitation to enjoy the ample fishing, hiking, music, arts and crafts, river boats and spectacular scenery and engaging southern charm found around the areas on the route.

Hotel, bed & breakfast, or park reservations need to be arranged immediately because availability goes quickly.

For more information regarding the annual Hwy 127 Corridor Sale, visitors are encouraged to visit the 127sale.com website. Brochures can be obtained by calling 1-800-327-3945.

Tips for Visiting the "World's Longest Yard Sale"
Preparing yourself will help insure that you experience a comfortable and pleasurable time as you shop the "World's Longest Yard Sale." Here are the items you will need to bring.

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