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Once again we are approaching the time for parents to hit the stores in search of their children's back-to-school clothes. In the past, for many this meant going through a tug-of-war as parent and child debated on what proper school attire meant. But since 1996, the gradual adoption of a school uniform policy in many public schools has put and end to this family "discussion."

Now a new challenge is underway during July and August for parents. Where can they find the best clothing to be considered acceptable under their schools uniform guidelines as well as the best price? The good news is, more and more of the popular retailers have realized the impact of losing large revenues during back-to-school shopping weeks and they are finally offering school uniform shopping choices in their stores. This is not only good news to the students, but it is also great news to the teachers who wear uniforms.

Stores such as Old Navy, the Gap and Sears offer a nice range of polo shirts, oxford shirts and khakis as well as well as jumpers and pleated skirts. For parents looking for the best price, the winners include French Toast and School Days. Both of these stores specialize in uniforms and offer top-notch selection.

The saying, "let your fingers do the walking," really applies to shopping for school uniforms. What is available online this year is simply awesome. Often times with online incentives, the price of shopping online beats brick & mortar prices. Free shipping with a minimum purchase is often available as well as extra discounts with special online codes. School accessories such as book bags and lunch bags can also be found at most sites. All offer decent return policies and helpful sizing charts to optimize your chances of getting the right size.

So sit back, grab a cup of coffee, turn on your favorite CD, and enjoy the morning browsing your back-to-school needs from the comfort of your home.

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