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Who Uses Coupons?


It is a common misconception that only lower income shoppers use coupons to save money.. In fact, a recent survey by NCH Marketing Services revealed that 75 percent of customers in all income brackets use coupons sometimes and the highest rate of coupon clippers have an income of $25,000 - $50,000.

NCH Marketing Services, an international coupon processor, conducted a telephone survey of 1,000 consumers and found:

  • Three out of four shoppers use coupons sometimes.
  • Five people say they always use coupons.
  • Three of five say they sometimes use coupons.
  • One of five shoppers rarely use coupons.
The report said that 82.9 percent of people in the $25,000 - $50,000 income range used coupons, the highest usage of any income group.

Coupon Redemption Dropping

Consumers are not using coupons as much as they did a few years ago. According to Charles Brown, NCH's vice president for marketing, manufacturer distribution of coupons has held relatively steady for the past five years, while consumer redemption has decreased.

"Redemption, looking at it from a total volume perspective, is down compared to both five and 10 years ago, but as a marketer's tool, it continues to be effective," Brown told the San Antonio Express-News.

Between 1998 and 2002, some 248 billion to 256 billion coupons were printed in newspapers in the United States, however during that same time frame redemption of those coupons dropped from 4.8 billion to 3.8 billion.

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