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Dealing With Store Employees Who Hate Couponers

By November 1, 2012

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We have all dealt with them. The employees that seem to despise you as soon as you hand them your coupons. It begins with flared nostrils and rolling eyes, but quickly progresses to rude, dismissive behavior if their understanding of the store's coupon policy differs from yours. Moreover, we all know that avid couponers completely understand and know the coupon policy. So what can you do? Not go to that store again, be inconvenienced, and miss good deals? No way. Read more...
November 6, 2012 at 11:51 pm
(1) Starrpoint says:

A nice, cheerful smile and a calm voice helps, as well as knowing the policy but being polite.

Also, make sure your coupons are neat.

When you have coupons that are a buy one get something, make sure these items are together on the belt. so you can point to them quickly.

And there are always those who assume you have to buy the largest size, so make sure you have that right.

You can highlight the important stuff on your coupons.

I still sometimes run into trouble with coupons downloaded from the net. Some cashiers love to challenge them.

Know these people and avoid.

February 18, 2013 at 12:26 pm
(2) Mike says:

No, avid couponerss DO NOT “always” know the policy. In fact, most don’t. I am one of those cashiers that will roll my eyes at you because you hare the one holding up the line, not me. You and your coupons for items you didn’t buy, your expired coupons, your insistence that I stack coupons that cannot be stacked, your demands that I not only use to coupon but price match the store down the street, your multiple transactions because you can only use one coupon per transaction and you stole the coupon section out of ever Sunday paper in the tri-county area to build up a stack and you wiped out the shelf because you are the epitome of selfish and YOU are the one who is rude when I politely explain the policy to you why I cannot do what you are demanding I do and threatening to get me fired for following the rules. I know that you sleep at night by convincing yourself that you are in the right because you “just want a good deal” but in reality, couponers are little more than spoiled children who always got their way and never grew the hell up.

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