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Readers Respond: Washington Grocery Stores That Double Coupons

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Know of a grocery store that will double coupons in Washington? See one on the Washington Double Coupons List that doesn't double in your area? This is an ongoing list which will help everyone looking to save on food and get double coupons in their area. Post what you know about double coupon stores in Washington. Know a Store? Post Here.


No One In Grays Harbor County Doubles - Looking In Tacoma and Lacy

Grocery Outlet

Grocery Outlet have their own coupons and would not accept the other coupons from Sunday newspaper.
—Guest Margaret A-T

Seattle, WA Area

WinCo would not accepted more than one coupons. Due to their policy is more strict. I would never go to female cashier. I would go to male cashier often much easier to communicate with deaf people. I am one of them.
—Guest Margaret A-T


My co worker told me that the kmart by 72nd and Portland ave here in Tacoma doubles manufacturers coupon up to 1.00 if you spend at least $25, but I believe its only in health, grocery and beauty products. Walgreens lets you use their in store along with a manufacturers coupon, but as some said before the stores are always changing policies.
—Guest Lindsey


—Guest m. bunkowski

Extreme Coupon Users

To the person that say's that these people have.."Issues". Number 1. Extreme Coupon Users save money. Please clarify for me why this is an issue? Number 2. They are organized and detailed oriented, and extremely good in Math. Wow..That is just AWFUL! They send food supplies to OUR TROOPS overseas, and DONATE to Food Banks across the states, GOSH, horrible people these extreme coupon users are, my goodness. Open your eyes, these people are SAVING HUNDREDS of DOLLARS. It's the people who are too LAZY to do the research to cut their grocery in half....that have,"ISSUES".
—Guest Lucy


I work at the Kmart on 6th ave and we will double 5 manufacturer coupons of $1 or less per transaction when you spend $25 on grocery and health/beauty items. Meaning a $1 off coupon will give you $2 off. You can stack Kmart coupons with this. Also, we have a lot of BOGO deals and you can use coupons on those. ex. Pantene for BOGO free on sale plus a coupon for BOGO free will give you both items free. There are plenty of bonus point deals where you will get money to use on future purchases if you get certain items in the store. ex. Spend $10 on Dove and get $3 in reward points. My favorite is the short dated foods for 25-90% off that you can use coupons on for up to the cost of the item. ex. Chips marked down to $0.90 and a coupon for $1 off will not work. BUT if you have a $0.50 coupon it can double up to the cost so you get the item free but DO NOT get $0.10 paid back to you.
—Guest Cashier

Omak Safeway

I live in Omak, WA and Safeway dose not double coupons.
—Guest susan

Extreme no, couponing yes

I live in Spokane, Albertson will double three coupons every other week and occassionally will offer all coupons up to $1, but it's rare. Target allows you to use one of their coupons in conjuntion with a manufacturer's coupon. Walgreens will allow you to use a coupon from their monthly coupon book in conjunction with a manufacturer coupon. I always look for clearance sections and items also, most places will accept coupons on clearance items. While I get some "free" stuff, I have generally saved between 50%-75% using coupons. This is a huge savings for a huge family. I am not an extremeist, I don't clear shelves, I am always polite. There are also SOME safeways in Spokane that will allow you to use a just for you electronic coupon along with a manufacturers coupon. You have to call to verify. Hope this helps!

Rounding up coupons in Marysville, WA.

On occasion Albertsons will round all coupons up to a dollar. I have only seen it a couple of times, but it's nice when it happens. Since a lot of coupons are around .25 to .50 cents it really works out nice.
—Guest Melissa


I have used 18 sets of doublers at Albertsons cost 102 retail of 287. Just be polite carry the store policy with you and do 3 sets at a time in 3 transactions then get out of line and get back in. And do it again. And be nice always
—Guest angela luvs albies


The stores put limits on double coupons because they lose money when you use them. Its all about their profit margin. Former employee.
—Guest Dawn


If you go online to Safeway and sign up you can get savings on your card plus use a coupon so it doubles but usually has a one item limit.
—Guest tessa

Fred Meyer doesn't hate couponers...

...in fact when a cashier sees that I have something that a coupon applies to they will take out their own coupon to save me money. Maybe they don't like extreme couponers but most people don't. Those people have issues.
—Guest Rob

the difference btwn

I'm new to couponing but DOUBLING Coupons means to double the savings shown, most of the useless info. on here referred to STACKING which means to layer a manufacturer coupon and one or more store coupon if ever possible. I hate reading the same crap over and over when all I want is a list of do's and dont's - good job
—Guest new to this but even i know

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Washington Grocery Stores That Double Coupons

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