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Readers Respond: Washington Grocery Stores That Double Coupons

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I don't know of any stores in Marysville, but i am trying to find some.
—Guest Andrea

Canadian side

Hi Couponers I was just reading your comments and thought I would throw my 2 cents in. I live in British Columbia Canada and we don't have the coupon system like you folks do. We get the odd coupon here and there but for some reason stores have converted to air mile points. So, as much as I would like to coupon and save us some decent money, we don't get that option. Have fun people.
—Guest Lee


Albertson in Lacey double coupons once a month for 3-4 days.
—Guest p


I live in Puyallup, and have called everywhere in Pierce County. The only place that double coupons is Albertsons, and it is a limit of 3 every other weekend, from Sun - Tues.. That is it !!! It's soo frustrating when you watch Extreme Couponing and they get all their stuff free, and we don't have that option here, due to no store offering double coupons!! Makes me mad !!
—Guest TeTe


Why is Washington so strict about doubling coupons? C'mon we're in a recession people why won't they let us double and other states do. This is unfair and wrong. Same stores different policies -- what a bunch of crap.
—Guest beth

Is there a store in Yakima for double

Does anyone know of any store in Yakima that double coupons or in the TriCity area?
—Guest Linda

Albertsons in Federal Way

A couple times a month, there will be three double coupons in the Albertsons flyer. Although it says limit of three, they will allow you to use more, as long as you do it in separate transactions.
—Guest Merry

Anacortes Safeway

I called today they said they don't double coupons!
—Guest kristen

Need store anywhere near Federal Way!

If anyone can tell me where I can find a store in or near Federal Way area that doubles coupons, I would be grateful! Please let me know. Thanks! =)
—Guest Teresa

How does doubling work at Safeway?

I shop the Anacortes Safeway all the time and I'm not aware of that policy! How does it work? Do they just mean that you can use a coupon on top of the club card price? Or will they actually double a manufacturer's coupon upon request?
—Guest Anacortes


I called Safeway in Anacortes she said they double and take as many as you got :)
—Guest Kaleena


I cant find a store that will double coupons in my area .. anyone know of a store close to me .. would be willing to travel?
—Guest Nicole New Couponer


Big Kmart will double if you are a rewards card holder on certain days they will send an email a few days before to give you a heads up. The reward card is free.
—Guest miranda

TriCities Newbie

I'm new to couponing. I am so excited but was hoping to find some heads up on stores that double coupons in my area. Bummer.
—Guest Sheyna

Tacoma/Puyallup Coupons

Summit Trading Company on 104th And Canyon Rd, doubles coupons. I believe it is up to 1.00, and they offer 4 of them each week in their circular.
—Guest Frugal Momma

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Washington Grocery Stores That Double Coupons

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