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Readers Respond: Washington Grocery Stores That Double Coupons

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Big Kmart will double if you are a rewards card holder on certain days they will send an email a few days before to give you a heads up. The reward card is free.
—Guest miranda

TriCities Newbie

I'm new to couponing. I am so excited but was hoping to find some heads up on stores that double coupons in my area. Bummer.
—Guest Sheyna

Tacoma/Puyallup Coupons

Summit Trading Company on 104th And Canyon Rd, doubles coupons. I believe it is up to 1.00, and they offer 4 of them each week in their circular.
—Guest Frugal Momma


I don't quite understand how to use couponing effectively, but a nice lady one day outside of Albertsons gave me a double and a triple coupon and told me what to buy to get the best buy. I did it but didn't quite understand it. But Albertsons does have double coupons.
—Guest Justina

Longview Safeway

The Safeways ads in Longview, Wa has a double 4 coupons at .50 each
—Guest KimNichols

Double Coupons in WA

I know most stores in my area (Port Orchard) will take both a manufacturers coupon and a store coupon for the same item. You can also go to cellfire.com, P&G saver.com, and shortcuts.com and load coupons to your grocery cards. Doing this, you will get the discount (coupon) that is loaded onto your card AND you can also take a paper manufacturers coupon as well as a store coupon and they will give you all three discounts. This is only available at certain stores though. I know you can go to certain grocery store websites and do the same thing- load your card with coupons and use additional paper coupons when you get to the store. I hope this helps.
—Guest Mary

Lynnwood/Everett Area

I live in Lynnwood/Everett Area, WA and usually Albertson's will double up to $1 almost every Sun/Mon/Tue. Also, Olson's Food Emporium will double up to $2 sometimes. (I always check the paper for the week).
—Guest Alla

Vancouver Safeway

7/30/2010: The Safeway in Vancouver at 6701 East Mill Plain Boulevard will double four coupons per visit that are valued at $0.50 or less. So, in other words, a $0.35 coupon would be worth $0.70 but a $1.00 coupon is still only worth $1.00.
—Guest Greg

Double Coupons stores in WA

I live in Tacoma. And other than Albertson's Sunday flyer ads for double manufacter's coupons...I have not found any stores that double.
—Guest Marlene

No luck from Eastern Washington

I live in the Tri-Cities, and have not found 1 grocery store will to double any coupon, still on the search!
—Guest Sylvia

Spokane Double Coupons

Spokane area Albertson's usually doubles - up to $1 - but you need the albertsons "doubling coupon" from the newspaper or store ad and there is a 3 coupon limit. Mary

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