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Readers Respond: Washington Grocery Stores That Double Coupons

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The Albertsons store on the South Hill of Spokane will only allow 50 cent coupons to be doubled, nothing larger....which kind of confusing when they say that they will double up to a dollar. They tell me that that means to total doubled is a dollar. That's it!!

Oregon Doublers

Oregon only doubles with the twice the value up to $1.00 Albertsons coupons and Safeway up to four $.50 coupons. We feel your pain. I hate that they are so strict.
—Guest Jessica

Kmart will double coupons on occasion

Kmart runs a week or sometimes two week long double coupon deal for their rewards customers. Its in small print in their weekly ad when they do run it. You have to watch for it.
—Guest Rachel


I live in Spokane Valley, WA and Albertsons is the only place that'll double 3 coupons up to a dollar. Not too bad.
—Guest Mary


Everett / Lynnwood Safeway - they will allow you to use a 'Store Coupon' plus a 'Manufacturers Coupon' on one visit. Fred Meyers - They have the same policy as Safeway. Albertsons - they have the same policy most days. Exception - they have doubling coupons in the Sunday Paper a couple times a month. You can double up to $1.00. Maximum 3 double coupons.
—Guest Melody

Washington store that doubles coupons

Albertsons..they sometimes have up to 3 coupons that will double a manufacturer's coupon for a short time for up to $1...check the ad for the dates.
—Guest Gayle

Not because of the governer

I don't know how old you are, but Gregoire has only been the gov a few years, we haven't been able to double coupons for at least the 27 years I've been doing my own grocery shopping. There is no real savings here.
—Guest Chloe

So frustrated

It's frustrating that there is no way to double here.. I wish we knew how to change this. Thanks everyone - it sounds like Albertsons is the place to shop:)
—Guest wendy


At Target you can use a Target web coupon and a manufacturer coupon on one product. That's as close to doubling as I can get. I live in Puyallup.
—Guest megan

Albertsons will do more than 3!

Had 6 twice the value coupons p,us manufactures and used them all in one transaction. Was able to get 63% off and $5 off m next grocery trip because of the buy 10 items listed and receive 25 box top deal!
—Guest Robbie

Safeway Doublers

Safeway only doubles in certain regions and you have to have a In Store Twice the Value coupon to do it , it is similar to Albertsons with limits of 3 doublers in a transaction , only 3 transactions a day and it only goes on for 3 days when it occurs.
—Guest maryt

Double Coupons

I've been doing couponing as a sport and math challenge fun. I love saving money even though I make money. Getting free stuff is the best. Free is not always the case in Washington state, so if I can save at least 75%-90% to free, I'm good with that. Usually I shop at Albertsons and Walgreens. Albertsons allows 3 double coupons per transaction. Some cashiers are nice enough to do all in one transaction. The downside is that if you don't pay attention, they might mess up by scanning more than it should be. As for Walgreens, they give a lot of Register Rewards, so you pay more in advance, but by getting Register Rewards you get it for 10 cents out of a dollar, or free. I'm very happy with that. And I met one of Walgreens' cashier that has been doing extremene couponing that she learned from her mom since she was a kid, so she understands when I do several transactions to get all my rewards and we exchange ideas and info.
—Guest albertsons

Seattle Eastside

I have called all of my local grocery stores in the Sammamish-Issaquah area and no where doubles coupons. Most of them, however, accept manufactures coupons. However, everytime I've called or used coupons at Fred Meyer or Safeway or QFC I get sour tones and dirty looks. They dont seem to be fond of couponing.
—Guest None!

There Are No Stores

There are no stores that double all coupons. I have searched since August. Only Albertson and Safeway (Longview area) only double 3-4 coupons per transaction and you must of their store coupon to do this. Sorry everyone!
—Guest Andrea

Albertsons doubles on certain days

In the Sunday paper here in the Seattle area, the Albertsons flyer has 3 coupons for doubling. These usually can only be used on Sunday and Monday, for three separate items.
—Guest Ruth A.

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Washington Grocery Stores That Double Coupons

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