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Readers Respond: Illinois Grocery Stores That Double Coupons

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Carbondale IL

There is a Kroger and a Schnucks in Carbondale IL and they both double coupons up to $.50. There is a limit as to how many you can use per item and how many pah you can use but Guest Double Coupons apparently has never been to Southern Illinois. In fact, we have 2 VERY nice stores here.
—Guest Guest W

Krogers in IL

There are two Krogers in Ottawa, Illinois and one in Streator, Illinois. They double only up to 50 cents and will double 2 of any identical coupon. People should check their facts before making false statements "there ARE Krogers in Illinois and HAVE been for years". Food 4 Less is owned by Kroger but they are a discount arm and they do not double. A simple search on Kroger.com will show if there is one near your home. I hope this helps.
—Guest Sheila

Krogers in Illinois that Double

Not sure why someone said there are not and never have been Krogers in il that double, but they are wrong. There is one in Effingham and its been there since I was born like 30 years ago. I check last week and they do double coupons but it is not always on the same day.
—Guest no one

Double Coupons Central IL

There are lots of Kroger stores in Central IL, 3 in Decatur, Taylorville, and Lincoln. They all double coupon. There is a Schnucks store in Springfield and yes they double also. (6/18/11)
—Guest Guest M


Went to the store the other day. The do not double coupons... =(
—Guest Food 4 Less - Alsip

Schnucks and Kroger in Southern IL

The Schnucks in Carbondale and the Krogers in Southern Illinois double coupons up to .50. and the first wed. of the month is senior discount day over 65 gets additional 10% off entire bill.
—Guest southern guest

Double Coupons

There are no Double Coupon Stores in Illinois. There are no Krogers in Illinois and there never has been and the only Schnucks in Il is in Dekalb & they do not double.
—Guest Double Coupons

Nieman's in Macomb

I can't find a store location for Nieman's in Macomb, IL. Contact info?
—Guest Tina

62471 Double coupons

Harmon's Market (IGA) in Vandalia, IL doubles coupons up to and including 0.50 every day, and it doesn't require any extra coupon to do so or a loyalty card. :)
—Guest Jenn

Kroger = "no"

I went on Kroger's website, entered my zip code and was given a Food For Less store who said they do NOT double coupons.
—Guest Linda


I just called Ultra in Lansing, Il and they do not double coupons.
—Guest Evelyn

Double Coupons

Schnucks and Dierbergs double for 40 cents and below. Dierbergs limit is 15 per family.
—Guest momto4


Snuks in Cape Girardeau Mo. only offers double coupons up to $0.35.

double coupons

Our DeKalb store does not double coupons, but we have included ourentire store coupon policy for your convenience. Each item may only have one coupon applied to it, which means we do notallow stacking and coupons that exceed the cost of the item are redeemedequal to the cost of the item. There is a limit of two Buy One Get OneFree items with the purchase of two and we reserve the right to limitquantities. Also included is our policy on internet/home-printed coupons listedbelow: As with all manufacturer's coupons, only one coupon per item can beapplied. Internet/home-printed coupons for FREE products will not be accepted. Internet/home-printed coupons with a value greater than $5.00 will notbe accepted. We reserve the right to decline acceptance of any coupon that does notappear to be an original and/or any coupon that does not scan properly. If you have questions about any other element of our coupon policy,please don't hesitate speak to our store management team. Sincerely, Gilber
—Guest guest


Called Food 4 Less in Bolingbrook, which is part of Kroger and they do not double coupons
—Guest heidi

RLB Super KMart

As of today (3/26/10) Super KMart in Round Lake Beach, IL is no longer offering 'double coupons'. They said they stopped it about 6 months ago. :-(
—Guest L

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