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Readers Respond: Florida Grocery Stores That Double Coupons

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Know of a grocery store that will double coupons in Florida? See one on the Florida Double Coupons List that doesn't double in your area? This is an ongoing list which will help everyone looking to save on food and get double coupons in their area. Post what you know about double coupon stores in Florida. Know a Store? Post Here.

Double coupons in Tarpon Springs

I shopped in Tarpon Springs Fl last month at Winn Dixie and they doubled all my coupons. I spent over $50 and had a store card. I didn't even know they did that. I was shocked. And very happy! I will try again this month.
—Guest Zwritergal

Double Coupons in Volusia Co. (Daytona B

None of the stores around here do double coupons. So many stores going out of business. Lost Food Lion last year.
—Guest Pat

this suck

Some one post that the stores dont double because of no tax on food but my home state om Massachusetts has no food tax and they have several locations that double
—Guest mom that coupons


Are there any stores in Orlando or Southern Lake County that double coupons?
—Guest Sarah

double coupon

Need information on locations in hillsborough county
—Guest fritza torres


I just found out that our local Walmart (Haines City, Fl ) will let you buy any item from Publix, Winn Dixie, DG or Aldi and you can get THEIR price even on BOGO items. Also you can get product at Walmart here for the ALDI/ Save a Lot item. IE., pineapples $1.49 at Aldi -- I buy it at Walmart (theirs is $3.88) I get it for $1.49 by bringing in the Aldi ad. Worth the effort.
—Guest Judy

Polk county FL

Publix @ 2424 Sand Mine Rd Davenport FL will take manufactures and store coupons but will not double the value of the coupons.
—Guest Melanie

Doubling coupons

Kmart in Lakeland will do it up to .99 Kmart, 4717 S Florida Ave, Lakeland, FL.
—Guest Mz R

stores that double

In Jacksonville Fla there is a store called Harveys(a company that is associated with Food Lion) doubles coupons also K Mart
—Guest rebeckah

Keystone Heights stores doubling coupons

I have recently picked up the art of extreme couponing and have been trying to locate stores that does double couponing. Hitchcocks and Harveys both double coupons everyday up to .50. Happy Couponing! :)

BJ's Question

How well do you do doubling cupons buying buls at BJ's?..I have one here in Tampa. Just wondering if it's worth it.
—Guest My2sense

Keystone Heights

Harvey's does double coupons, their fliers usually tell you their policies.
—Guest Kerry

Publix has good savings

I have lived in FL all my life. (wish I could get out) so this is all I know. Publix has the bogo sales in which you can use a coupon on the item you pay for AND a coupon on the item you get for free. So it is like double couponing. I usually shop there, and I usually save any where from 50% to 80%. Good luck with your couponing!

Polk county is out of control

No one in Polk county will double, not even on a .50 coupon at Winn Dixie. The problem..Publix and Walmart own the market and the consumer pays the price! Come on Winn Dixie, you could win so many over by doing the right thing!!! Here is the opportunity. If anyone know where to go let me know!
—Guest cindy m

polk county double coupons

Well folks in Florida need to understand why no doubles in Florida here's your reason. When our lovely state passed the tax on tourists it included a tax the store has to pay. Its a tourist tax on food. Of course we pay it in higher food prices. Want double coupons write your congress men an woman and ask why locals have to eat tourist tax on food. This was done quietly and we were told only on. On confidence stores but it is on every store. There you go we are paying tax on food they just didn't tell you.
—Guest cj

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Florida Grocery Stores That Double Coupons

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