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Readers Respond: Florida Grocery Stores That Double Coupons

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Know of a grocery store that will double coupons in Florida? See one on the Florida Double Coupons List that doesn't double in your area? This is an ongoing list which will help everyone looking to save on food and get double coupons in their area. Post what you know about double coupon stores in Florida.


Fred's will double coupons. Saturday only and apply.
—Guest Penny


KMART this week is doubling up i dont know when it will last just received an update on both my coupon apps that allow me to receive updates weekly all adds in interested or local stores surrounding my area. P.S CVS is giving a 10$ gas car when you spend 50$ plus extra savings on your cvs card plus coupons . Hope this helps!


Kmart doubles coupon ever day for reward chat. Where can I go I Florida I live in Pinellas beside Kmart?
—Guest christennajones


Each store has their own rule regarding coupons. Some accept them, some don't. Best bet is to call the store first and ask what their coupon policy is.
—Guest mpYAbLHpLzOFCp

double coupons

Suprisingly I found out if you are a rewards card member at Kmart they will double grocery, drug, and personal items coupons on wed. sat.
—Guest tasmith


Foodworld will double uo to 0.50 cents and public take manf. Coupon and store coupons on same item say like publix has a coupon for buy one get one free you use there coupon and use a manf... Coupon and almost get it for nothing. Thanks

why no doubling

Its so stupid that Florida seems to be the only state without doubling and we are the lowest in pay scales in most counties.....why is that I wonder?
—Guest rene

Double Coupons

This is new to me. I live in Lakeland, Fl. and I am looking for a grocery store with double couponing.
—Guest teresa

It's stacking not sorta doubling.

Some people are saying that certain stores "Sorta double coupons," but what they are telling you is called stacking. "Using one store coupon and one manufactors coupon." Doubling is when the same coupon doubles in savings.
—Guest Learner

Keystone Heights

Does the Harveys grociery store in Keystone Heights Fl. do the double coupons!? Their webstie doesn't say. P.S. don't give me this crud about Hitchcocks doing double couponing cause I personally hate their store. Thanks-Candice32091@yahoo.com
—Guest Candice J

reason stores don't double in Florida

I was told by someone that the reason Florida does not double is because we do not pay taxes on food items. Therefore, the stores loose money. This doesn't make any sense. I feel times are hard right know and we all need to save money especially when trying to feed our families.
—Guest royal palm beach

Hi! I live in Polk County,Florida ...

( Sebring, Avon Park). And can not find a store that will let me double any of my coupons. If you find some store please Tell me!!! I have a lots coupons. Thanks very much.
—Guest Aurora

Sweetbay and Publix... sorta double?

I work at Sweetbay in the Tampa Bay, and I'm also a couponer. None of the grocery stores in this area will double coupons, unfortunately, I've checked. However, Sweetbay and Publix will take a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon for the same item. In addition, Sweetbay and Publix will also take competitor coupons. I wish grocery stores here could do more :C

Want to use more coupons!

I live in Polk County,Florida and can not find a store that will let me double any of my coupons : (
—Guest Jo Anna

No double coupon anywhere on Southwest F

Frustrating... Not one stire in tgis area will double your coupon. Can't believe it! If anybody kniws where please share the info.
—Guest Betty

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