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Readers Respond: Florida Grocery Stores That Double Coupons

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Looking 2 Double in OC

Hi, I'm new to the couponing thing and just moved to FL. Does anyone know of any stores that double coupons in Orange County?
—Guest Coup Coop


Maybe we should petition the florida stores to double coupons...
—Guest peggy

Double Coupons North Florida

I just spoke with Harris Teeter in Fernandina, Florida and they double every day up to .99. Go to the website and see coupon rules/regulations
—Guest Judy

doubling coupons in Lake City Florida

Does anyone know of a store that doubles coupons in or close to Lake City??
—Guest Grammiemary


Publix,Winndixie and Rowes supermarket does not double coupons. Rowes does not except online coupons. I would like to try Harry Teeter, but what days do they do the triple coupon deals? Does anyone know of any other stores in Jacksonville area?
—Guest barbara

Target and Publix

While, most store don't double coupons, at Target and Publix you can use their store coupon and manufacture’s coupons. Plus, hold your coupons- best deals are when you have a store coupon and manufactures’ buy one get one then you can also use a manufacture's coupon on top of that you get your product virtually for free!
—Guest Orlando, fl

Doubling coupons

Florida isn't the only state that does not double coupons. Massachusetts does not double coupons. What I want to know is: why are we breaking our backs to get coupons if nobody will double them?
—Guest Grannee

Kmart Doubles

Kmart doubles coupons!!! They just don't do overages :)
—Guest Robyn

Silly Florida

I am so upset that all other stores double around the US but Florida? Why can anyone tell me? This is annoying
—Guest miminsook

Fred's doubles on Saturdays to .70¢

Every Saturday, Fred's will double to .70¢ on 1 coupon. They will let you do multiple transactions if you wish!
—Guest snupie@charter.net

double coupons in fort myers, fl area?

Looking for a store that doubles coupons in Fort Myers, Fl area. Anyone know of any?
—Guest Christine


BJs Whole Sale excepts double coupons. I shop there every two weeks and as you all know there stuff are by bulks. The one I go to is in Lake County, Florida.
—Guest Grissel

Double coupons

So now that we established NO stores in South Florida Double coupons can anyone tell me why?????
—Guest mom4geeks

Double Coupons

Hitchcock's Markets doubles coupons - up to $.50. Located in Alachua and Levy County, Florida
—Guest Adrienne Cook

Publix Coupon Policy Coming

Momto5girls any update on publix doubling coupons?
—Guest ClipperPrincess

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