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Readers Respond: What is the Most You Have Saved When Shopping With Coupons?

Responses: 13


Coupon clipping can save shoppers hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year at the store. Share your top dollar savings you had when using coupons at the grocery store.

Mini coupon queen

I saved a lot on the Suave lotion, the lotion was $2.66 and I had a buy one get one free coupon, and a $1.00 off coupon, also .75cents coupon. I paid $1.00 . so my 2 bottles of lotion cost .50 cents a piece.
—Guest Harris59

coupon savings

I usually save about 25 to 33 percent on my groceries. Once in a while i get a few things free or even get paid to take them home. I got a liter of Listerine Total Care for 52 cents and 2 packages of Plackers and got paid a dollar to take them home.
—Guest ginaalex

Walgreens Queen

On one shopping trip to Walgreens, I bought almost $250 of merchandise and paid $39 for it. I also got back $20 in register rewards, gave a few items to my bus driver, and sold some stuff on ebay....
—Guest roxanne

Good Deal, Yes?

Had coupons for reach tooth brushes, buy one get one free two dollars off two. Walgreens had them on sale for $0.99. I bought 9 for free! Also palmolive dish liquid for $0.99 - I had $0.25 coupons bought 8 cost was about $7.00 so I used my register reward got all for 1.98! Good Deal, Yes?
—Guest aletha mobley

Only Paid $14!

Just recently I bought $45 worth of groceries and after coupons to paid $14!
—Guest Frugal Bear

Saved Almost $50!

$40.00 - $ 50.00, I'm just really getting into the couponing. I've always used them , but not very many. I also don't watch for the sales before I used them, now I'm learning to d better! I have a lot of fun!
—Guest alethamobley

CVS Savings and Registar Rewards

I saved $124 with coupons and paid $22.09 total and got back 13 dollars in register rewards to spend the next time.
—Guest tracey hackenburg

a nice round number!

I saved over a hundred bucks with a coupon I bought for $5.
—Guest MikeM

Most saved with coupons

I once had a total of 179.97 & paid $68.72 after coupons. Most recent was $98.67 and paid $46.88 after coupons.
—Guest mharris55

I saved a little over $541.00 and paid

I saved a little over $542 and paid $42 of which $21 was tax. Laura Williams
—Guest Laura @ Laura Williams' Musings

i saved over 80.00

I had over 200.00 worth of items and paid a little over 100.00 for them.
—Guest askasha

Share Your Top Dollar

I just saved 196.00 on one order total out the door was 25.53.
—Guest c coop

Coupons Rule!

After three hard hours of shopping with coupons the results were: $239 worth of groceries for $73.
—Guest GBTtown

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