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Readers Respond: How Do You Organize Coupons?

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From the article: Organizing Coupons
The most successful coupon clippers that I know have "to die for" coupon organization systems which allows them to get their hands on a coupon quickly. Some systems are small, some quite elaborate. How do you keep your coupons together?

Organizing Coupons

I recently "upgraded" to a binder and use plastic baseball card holders to organize the coupons within each catagory. I have been couponing for years and wish I had started using a binder earlier. It is so much easier to see exactly which coupons I have when I stumble onto an unadvertised screaming deal. I also buy several copies of the newspaper on Sundays and get all of my family's unused coupons. It is very rare when I have to pay regular price for anything. I highly reccomend the binder system - it does fit in the cart pretty well too. I no longer have to waste time fumbling in the aisles looking for a particular coupon in my coupon wallet, I just turn to the catagory and then flip through the pages. It is so much easier.
—FL guest

how to get coupons

If you get a hold of your local person who delivers papers, they always have extras. All you have to do is call them up and ask if you can have their leftovers and most delivery people are happy to get rid of the papers.
—Guest guest

How I organize my coupons.

I use two different boxes, that our checks come in. That size works perfect. I then take recipie card organizers that I can write on. And put on them what the coupons are. The I use one box for food items, and one for non-food items. They are small enough to put in the front of the carts, and work great.
—Guest Donna

I have not yet used coupons

I have used ad matching for a few different things from walmart I am not the one that dose the shopping for food so I don't clip coupons.But I do use price matching through walmart. If I purchase it for myself then I will price match but I think I will also start couponing do to the fact that now I am on a fixed income.

3-Ring Binder & Technology

I have a double-ring binder with 4-per-page CD-ROM pockets, document protectors, and 8-per-page business card holders. My CD-ROM pockets are labeled for each store and hold coupons as I prepare and complete my shopping. My document protectors hold the store ads, coupon policies, and store-specific coupons and rain checks. The business card holders are numbered 001-400 and house my coupons. I use my computer & Android tablet to manage my data and shop. My list of coupons, price lists, and savings tracker or all maintained in an Excel spreadsheet which is then transferred to my tablet so I have a searchable database with me at all times to search by category, manufacturer, item, etc. My tablet also has a free grocery shopping application that I selected based on suitability to my needs where I create and plan my shopping lists by store including information on the coupon, brand, quantity, etc. The spreadsheet and Android application both are capable of factoring in sales tax.
—Guest Tina

Coupon Saving Software

I was having a hard time maintaining hundreds of coupons in excel sheets and binders , there was no tool which could easily let me know , if I had a coupon for an item or which coupons. are expiring , then I came across CouponSavingSoftware(just search in google). ... It has saved a ton of time and money for me , and couponing has become fun. Some of the features include. Unlimited Coupon Entries. Bulk entries of coupons possible. Notifications for Expiring Coupons. Edit/Delete/Insert/Print Features. Powerful google like search. Search by any criteria. Sort by any criteria. Auto delete of expired coupons. The Complete Grocery List included for Easy Shopping.
—Guest heathercoollady@yahoo.com

Coupon Organizing Software

Yes, this article is about coupon organizing and I know there are a lot of articles about this topic out there, but I will keep it short and simple. Let’s get answers to the questions below:- 1) How do you organize your coupons? 90% still organize the same old way clipping coupons day and night, categorizing them, and storing them. You invest buying bigger and bigger binders; no binder seems to be big enough to hold your growing coupon number. 2) How big the pain is it to find the right coupon at the right time? How many times you have missed to use a coupon, as it was hiding somewhere in your envelopes or you could not utilize it before its expiry date. 3) How much time are you spending away from your family and dedicating to couponing? This couponing is addicting stuff isn’t itm but have you started spending less time with your family. Time with your family is precious, so don’t regret later. What’s the solution? Use technology.
—Guest Cecilia Sampson

Time saver!

I still use a regular plastic coupon holder, but I made my own categories. My real time saver is using a utility knife for cutting coupons. I do it over cardboard or catalogs or anything else I can find. I just know that it cuts much faster and you can even get them at the dollar store. Another thing I find useful is to make a list and mark what items you have coupons for or highlight them and write the brands and amounts in parenthesis.
—Guest Rena

Organizing Coupons - Binder Method

I have a binder with baseball card pages in it and have tabs labeling the sections. And I put duplicate coupons in the same slot so they're easy to gather for a shopping trip.
—Guest couponer

coupon beginner

I do the basics in a coupon holder. I am trying to find card holders with a notebook. to be better organized.
—Guest ginaalex77077

My Couponing Tips

I clip from a couple of sunday papers, magizines,and internet sites. Then I organize by the products - canned foods together, breads, frozen foods, rice, noddles, boxed meals, bath, and medications. Then I separate by the date that they are due and pull out what I need to take to the grocery store, I really have enjoyed couponing!~ P. S. just don't purchase items if you don't know you will us it.
—Guest aletha


I use a 12 month Check organizer and label each section accordingly, I save the very front for Must USE or USE coupons.
—Guest Omyheart

organizing coupons

I have used the same system for over 30 years. I have a tupperware container with card stock cut a bit higher then the coupons. I have 42 dividers from "air freshener" to "yogurt". Every month I go through the coupons, discarding expired coupons. When cutting coupons each week, it is quick and easy to file each category. I often have several coupons for each item, when it is close to expiring I often set them on the store shelf near an item for others to use. The coupon container fits perfectly in front of me in the cart, with the divided categories it is fast to find each coupon needed.
—Guest dee

How Do You Organize Coupons?

In a small (4"x6") photo album with plastic pages that are sold at the dollar store
—Guest ddpmkrupa

Coupon Organization

I organize my coupons by the Aisles in the store: Produce, Health and beauty, etc. But within each aisle, I file the coupons alphabetically for easy access (Herbal essence, suave, etc)

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