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Readers Respond: Lyn Needs Tips On How To Cut Her Grocery Bill

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Lyn loves to cook fresh food for which she usually cannot find coupons for to help her save money on her high grocery bill. Read her story (linked above) and add tips to help her cut back on her food costs.

Shop At An On-Line Grocery Store!

Up until now, many families have been saving money on groceries by going to discount places to buy in bulk or clipping coupons or signing-up for their local grocery store’s discount card. There is another player that just entered the grocery saving arena to level the playing field. This player is a nationwide on-line grocery store that Guarantees the lowest price on non-perishable groceries or double the difference back with Free Shipping to your door and no Taxes (except the state of Michigan ). They offer every day deals on over 10,000 Name Brand Items at 40% saving or more depending on where you live in the United States .They offer free shipping in the continental United States , Alaska , Hawaii , Puerto Rico and the U.S territories. So, I urge everyone that buys groceries to take a look at 3 minutes movie at: http://www.myharvestamerica.com/lyle


These are all GREAT tips!! It was good of you to put it altogether!
—Guest Kumarihpx

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