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Readers Respond: Alabama Grocery Stores That Double Coupons

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Double coupons

winn Dixie in Rainbow city has double coupons also everyday
—Guest Pitts


The Food World on brundidge st doubles cupons up to .50 everyday

Who doubles?

I am just getting into couponing. I have spent lots of time clipping and looking online for great deals(geeeez...it is very time consuming). I am in Mobile, AL. I normally go to Walmart and most of the time buy generic but even those are getting higher nowadays. If anyone would like to share info with me on how they are doing it, please....I am all ears!!! Thanks!
—Guest Jerilyn

Publix Doubles

Publix in Alabaster, Helena, Calera Alabama doubles up to $.50 cents everyday, and they accept Target coupons as Store Coupons. Foodworld/Brunos also doubles everyday in this area.
—Guest Pamm

Anniston, AL

A previous comment stated that Winn Dixie doesn't double coupons. However, the Winn Dixie in Golden Springs doubles coupons up to 50 cents.

Double Coupon Quest..

When they double a coupon up to .50, does that mean that on a $1.00 coupon you get $1.50?? Thanks Answer: No, not usually. It means you will just get the face value of coupons over $.50.
—Guest Tina

Krogers in Hartselle, Al

Krogers in Hartselle only doubles up to .50 cents and has a limit of 3 like coupons per transaction!
—Guest Vanessa

Kroger, Opelika, AL

Kroger in Opelika, AL (close to auburn) doubles and Publix does too (up to .50)
—Guest juliemartin

Double coupons in the Trussville area

Food Giant in Moody doubles up to $1.00 on Mondays only, Piggly Wiggly in Clay doubles up to $.99 every day, Publix in Pinson doubles up to $.50 every day, Winn Dixie in Trussville doubles up to $.50 every day. That's all I know about the Trussville area.
—Guest Barb


FoodWorld in Muscle Shoals, AL will double up to .50.
—Guest Tina

doubling.learning and meeting

I am very interested in learning how to effectively use coupons. I am in the Dothan, Al area and would love to meet others who are learning, have learned and willing to share info. Please contact me at my email. Thanks and looking forward to meeting others. :)
—Guest Rhonda

Winn Dixie Jacksonville AL

The Winn Dixie in Jacksonville doubles coupons up to 50 cents!
—Guest amanda


Winn Dixie in Jasper DOES double coupons up to $.50. I shop there often and use my coupons all the time.
—Guest GuestinJasper

Winn Dixie Doubles Coupons

Winn Dixie doubles coupons everyday up to 50 cents in the Selma area, but not Walmart, or Valley Grande Grocery.

Double in Haleyville, AL

The Piggly Wiggly in Haleyville, Alabama doubles on Tuesdays up to 45 cents.
—Guest Karen Chambers

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