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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Groupon Experience - Good? Bad? Your Savings?

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Groupon features a daily deal on stuff to do, see, eat, and buy in cities across the United States. Have you used Groupons? If so, did you get a good deal? Has it been a good or bad experience? Share your experience of using Groupons as a place to save on entertainment and services. Share Your Experience

Horrible Hair Salon Experience

Stay away from Hairpower Salon in Westville, CT. I purchased a $59 groupon for haircut w/ conditioning plus choice of either partial highlights or single-process color). I opted for the single process color. The stylist was rude and unfriendly and made me feel the whole time he was doing me a favor. In short I number the things that went wrong: 12 noon appt. I walk him to be rudely told that the stylist was also on his lunch break. The place smells HORRIBLE, musty and it looks like a garage. THE COLOR HE USED DID NOT COVER MY GRAY AT ALL, I walked out looking the same way I walked in. I requested to use a round brush on my hair for volume, he refused it, this salong does not have ANY styling products, they must use some cheap shampoo & conditioner and that's it. I thought vendors using Groupons were hoping to get NEW CUSTOMERS but my experience is that this vendor wanted to scare customers away. Did I also mention that there was only one other customer there the whole time? Wasted $59
—Guest Myla2013


I ordered some items over 30 days ago & money charged to my acct and as of today I have not received the merchandise.
—Guest Diana

Ria's Touch Massage

Horrible experience. Dirty. 80 minute massage lasted maybe 60 minutes. Would never recommend or return.
—Guest D. DeNardi

Groupon - good deal

I signed up for Groupon about 4 months ago, and I'm very happy with it so far. I get daily emails from them for my city and my daughter's city, and have found some great bargains. I purchased a restaurant Groupon for my daughter, and also used one to buy a Christmas gift for her. The first Groupon I bought was for movie tickets. I bought one for me and one for my daughter. She used her tickets, but before I could use mine, the business offering the tickets went bust. Groupon was great at refunding my money for the lost tickets. Even better, they also refunded the money spent on my daughter's too. Any wonder why I currently have 4 Groupons on my desk? I'm really having fun with this.

Great as gifts

I use Groupons as gifts. I sign up for the email from the cities my best friends and family live it, and keep a close eye out for great deals I think they'd like. It's a good way to buy them something nice that I know they'll enjoy without spending as much as it seems.
—Guest jillkocher

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Tell Us About Your Groupon Experience - Good? Bad? Your Savings?

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