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Readers Respond: Cutting the Cost of Printing Coupons

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Printing coupons can be expensive. What do you do to help cut the cost of printing online coupons? How Do You Cut Your Cost?

Print ONLY the Coupons You Want

I FINALLY figured out a way save on ink and paper when printing online coupons (in addition to what the author has recommended). First you'll need a 'pair of scissors', to cut your coupons from various pages, and a 'piece of paper' to paste your coupons onto. First get your 'piece of paper' (open a MS Word document). Now get your 'scissors'; I use the 'Snipping Tool' found in Windows 7 (Start For my 'scissors', Start>Accessories>Snipping Tool then place cursor next to coupon and 'snip away' (it took me a few tries)>Copy>then paste on your blank document as many coupons as will fit on the page (lose your margins to allow for more room!) then PRINT!
—Guest John L.

Printer Ink

Buy your printer ink from Ebay. Just type in your printer's name and it will bring up compatible ink cartridges, usually refills. Choose a seller with good feedback and return policy.
—Guest Rhissanna

cutting the costs of printing coupons

I only buy paper when staples has it for free or almost free with rebate. I also utilize all junk mail to print on the clean side just make sure that it doesn't contain any personal information.
—Guest gwen

How Do You Cut Your Cost?

Cutting the Cost of Printing Coupons

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