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Free Online Money Calculators

Keeping a Handle on Your Money


Knowing where your money goes is the best way to determine if you are spending your money wisely. It is next to impossible to keep a mental track of what you are spending. Luckily, there are many tools out there that are free and will help create budgets for a variety of reasons including family spending, wedding budgets, travel budgets, entertainment budgets and more. You can also learn the best way to pay off a loan and figure out how much you will need to save to retire. Give some of these free calculators a try and experiment with ways to rearrange your spending so that you get the most from your money. Here are my top picks.

Home Budget Calculator

The Monthly Budget
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Most all of us have a rough idea of how we spend out money every month, but by using this free home budget calculator, you may find that you are spending more money in some areas of your life and too little in others.

Credit Card Payoff Calculator

Credit Card Debt
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If asked, most of would say that we have a general idea of how much we owe on our credit cards. Many of us even know how much we pay each month towards the balance of each card. But how many of know for sure when our payments will result in a zero balance? Use this calculator to play around with your monthly payments and see exactly how much your debt is costing you and how much it will take to reach a zero balance.

Wedding Budget Manager

Wedding Planning
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Planning a wedding? If you are, take it from all those who have walked before you, to design a sensible budget and then stick to it. There is no reason to wipe out your parents savings account on your wedding or dig yourself into a credit hole that will take years to pay off. This wedding budget worksheet will help you stay on track.

Simple Loan Calculator

Loan Management
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Use this simple loan calculator to figure out how much your monthly payment will be on home and auto loans. Want to pay it off faster? Plug in the numbers and see what happens.

Plan Your Retirement

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Most of us hope to retire some day, but are we saving enough to do it before we reach the age of 100? This retirement calculator will help you look at your financial needs for the future.

The Travel Budget Calculator

Vacation Planning
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Do you have enough money for your next vacation? The following calculator will help you determine if you have set aside enough to meet your travel plans.

Student Budget Calculator

Student Expenses
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Curious about how much it will likely cost you to attend college or other full-time educational institutions? This calculator will help students take a look at their expenses and income during eight months of the year from September through April.

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