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How to Buy Wholesale

The Real Rock Bottom Price


Shopping at warehouse stores, outlet malls, and slightly damaged sale bins can save you a lot of money, but with a little work you can often beat retailers' lowest prices by buying wholesale.
  • The Phone Book: Look through the business section of your phone book under the category of merchandise that you are interested in purchasing with wholesale price advantages. For example, if your hobby utilizes a lot of dried flowers, look for "Dried Flowers -- Wholesale" then contact them to find out if they offer special hours for the general public to shop. You may find that the prices are slightly higher then wholesale but they will still be better then paying retail.
  • Join Groups: Search the Internet for groups that share your interest. Reading the site forums or joining email newsgroups can help keep you alerted to associations that you can join that buy through wholesalers or get group discounts in your specific area of interest.
  • Business License: If you order something by bulk or use a particular item a lot you may want to consider applying for a reseller's license or business license from your city or state. If you have such a license most wholesalers will sell to you, although they may require you to purchase a minimum amount in order to get the lower prices. If you resell or try to resell the items you have purchased or resell something made from the items you purchased, you will qualify as a legitimate business. Be prepared to do research on fees, taxes, and other legal requirements to see if it is a cost efficient direction for you to pursue.

  • Networking: For home improvements, check with family, friends or work associates to see if they can connect you to another friend who is a sub-contractor and can get discounted prices or wholesale prices on building supplies, flooring, landscaping, and furniture. If utilizing their service is included in the deal, take the time to compare labor costs to make certain you are getting the best price. High labor costs can quickly deplete the savings of buying wholesale.

  • Buyers' Markets: If you live near or in a city that holds wholesale markets such as flowers, jewelry, fashion, or furniture markets, look online or call the market organizers for a calendar of when the events are being held. You can also ask if the markets are open at anytime to the general public. Many times jewelry markets will open to anyone wishing to buy. The prices will be slightly higher if you do not have a business license but you can still find exceptional savings.

  • Sample Sales: Check the classified section of your newspaper or local shopper magazine for manufacturer representatives that are selling their samples. Rug, clothing, athletic wear, jewelry, accessories, artwork, home interiors, and wedding apparel are just some of the most common advertisements you may find.

  • Compare Shop: Just because someone may advertise that an item is at a wholesale price, does not mean that it really is. Good product and price knowledge is the key to insuring that you pay the lowest possible price that is available. This holds true for retail or wholesale shopping.

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