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Time May Be Running Out on Holiday Returns

Delaying Your Returns Could Cost You to Lose Money


If you have been putting off returning holiday gift items that did not work, you may want to check your receipts this week. Many retailers offered extended return policies during the season but the time is running out for returns and so is selection.

If you get to the stores within the posted return date you can usually triple the value of your money with careful shopping and selection of the big discounts available. However, if you fail to make the deadline then you look at losing the same amount because you may only get back what the item you are returning is currently selling for.

Online purchases generally have a smaller window for returns. If your purchase was made online, take care of those first then hit the brick and mortar stores. Remember with online stores that the item needs to be received by the company before the date so allow for shipping time.

  • If you need to return something in another town or state that you cannot get to then the following should help you insure proper credit to your charge card:
  • Contact the store for their mailing address and information on what they will need from you in order to process your return.
  • Box the return items in their original packages with all manuals intact.
  • If you are returning clothing, fold the items carefully so they do not look worn.
  • Send all original merchandise tickets with the items you are returning.
  • Enclose your sales slip inside an envelope with a short letter of what it is you want; store credit, charge credit, debit credit.
  • Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with a request that a copy of the returned transaction be sent to you.

  • Include contact information in case the company needs more information.
  • The best way to get a refund for the amount you paid for an item is to return it intact, and within the time period allotted. Plus, if you handle your return correctly you may even get a special coupon in your returned envelope!

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