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Warehouse Store Shopping Tips

Maximize Your Warehouse Store Shopping Experience


Shopping at warehouse clubs can save shoppers money, but they aren't always the best way to go. Shoppers need to be well armed with shopping lists and product knowledge in order to find the best values.

The following tips will help shoppers maximize their savings at warehouse stores.

Proximity is Important

The first decision to make is if the warehouse store is convenient and a store you will frequent on a normal basis. If it isn't, the annual fee may not be worth the savings you will get from shopping there. To justify the annual fee you will need to spend at least $250 before you can benefit from there versus shopping in regular stores.

Come Prepared

Do your product researches before you go to the store. This is a good idea regardless of where you shop but in warehouse stores the sales personnel generally are not going to be product experts. This is not to say they cannot accommodate you in other areas but do not depend on them for product feedback.

Stay Focused

Avoid losing your focus on what you have come to the store to buy. There are often so many great bargains that it is difficult not to stop and start justifying why you need to buy numerous items you really do not need.

Snooze You May Lose

Avoid long decision making if you want to purchase a particular item. Many items in warehouse stores are a one-shot deal and sell out quickly.

Compare Prices

You will want to compare prices to insure you are getting the best price available. You cannot assume that just because an item is in a warehouse store that it is the lowest available price. For smaller products such as food items, often times the brand named items at warehouse stores will be more than the generic brands at your regular grocery store.

Double Up Savings With Manufacturer Incentives

Take advantage of the manufacturer incentives that may be available such as rebates and discounted extended warranties. Just because you are making the purchase at a warehouse store does not mean you forfeit your opportunities to utilize incentives like rebates. Keeping up with your receipt and any other necessary forms is also important if you plan on filing for a rebate.

Do They Take Credit Cards?

Many times warehouse stores will not accept credit cards so come prepared to pay for your purchase with a money order, cash, or debit card.

Small Business Owners Save More

Small business owners can get an executive card at get a 2 percent return on your expenditures at the end of the year.

Know All the Benefits

Read all the benefits that come with your membership to the warehouse store. Often times they offer benefits that consumers are not aware of such as discounts on carpet cleaning, one hour film processing, pharmacies, automotive services and other beneficial offers.

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