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Got a Gripe? How to Effectively Complain About a Company

Online Consumer Complaint Sites Come to the Rescue


If you have a complaint against a company, what do you do? Call? Write? Try to talk to a local manager? Do nothing at all? The discomfort of creating a fuss is often the reason behind consumer discontent not being reported.

Most companies really do want to know when a customer is dissatisfied. Good corporations realize that to find a solution, rather then to have a disgruntled customer, will benefit the company. The voice of an unhappy consumer is bad advertising.

Too Much Hassle?

Many times after going through a bad experience in a store, we say to ourselves and anyone else within earshot, "They won't get my business again!" But what if it's a store or business that you really like to go to? Maybe they have great prices or it's close to your home. Why should you avoid going back just because someone in a position to make a good decision has failed to do so? By taking the time to complain, two things can happen: Your complaint is resolved to your satisfaction and the company has an opportunity to save a customer from going to the competition.

Complaining Just Got Easier

There are websites dedicated to consumers who need to complain. These sites are used to bridge the disgruntled consumer with the company the consumer is having a problem with, in an effort to resolve issues. The core of their mission is to meet consumer needs.

Getting your complaint heard by the right person is often the main frustration experienced when filing complaints. Planet Feedback helps consumers write and track letters to a specific person in a company that can provide a solution to their problem. They also allow for public opinion on the validity of the complaints listed, which can sometimes be interesting to read.

My3cents.com is a leading source for consumer advice. Visitors come to learn, interact and voice opinions regarding companies, products and services in an open community.

Many companies know that one disgruntled customer may persuade others to go elsewhere. Why not give them an opportunity to resolve your complaint by talking to them and then if they fail to help, shop elsewhere.

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