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Below are the latest coupons, bargain and deal-related news stories from sources around the Internet. For more information on current news about coupons and bargains, check the home page.

April 6, 2010

Current News

Coupon Clipper Clips $670 Off Her Monthly Food Bill
Stephanie Stevens of Collierville, TN, used to spend $700 a month on groceries for her family of four, but after discovering coupons she is now spending as low as $30 a month.

Extreme Couponer Shares Her Savings Strategies
Brandie Mavrich of Kansas City has earned the reputation of being an "extreme couponer" who shares her savings strategies. See how she manages to bring her SuperTarget shopping trip of $260 down to $32.62.

Coupon Club Says It's Not Just About Coupons
The Koupon Klippers Club in Parkersburg, W. VG, get together to swap coupons and talk about bargains, but also the group enjoys the fellowship and social time.

"In an uncertain economy, saving money on everyday items is smart, but the meetings are also about fellowship and occasionally friendly competition about who can find the best bargains," said Vickie Sheppard, a founding member of the club.

Red Hat Ladies Help Military Families With Coupons
The Red Hat Ladies from Hope Lutheran Church in Bowers, PA clip coupons for military families overseas. "We put a note in the church bulletin asking people to bring in coupons, and we collect the coupon booklets that appear in the Sunday (Reading) Eagle," said group member Peg Fenstermacher. "It's amazing how many coupons get collected at the church."

Single Mom Says Coupons Help Keep Her Afloat
Trishia Ball, of Russellville, AR, learned to coupon to keep things running during tight economical times. She is so successful that one time the register tape totaling her purchases was a whopping $1000 which she only paid $200 for after cashing in her coupons.

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