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Tips for Giving and Saving During the Holidays

Watch Hidden Charges, Find the Best Price and Give Great Gifts


These tips will help answer your questions about giving the right gift, and how to avoid paying for things that you didn't know were costing you money.

1. Ten Tips for Holiday Shopping on a Budget

Holiday spending can quickly get out of hand, even for the most budget minded. The following 10 steps will help us stay focused on getting the most out of holiday dollars and help us stay away from the temptations of getting into financial problems during this highly emotional shopping season.

2. The Small Print On Return and Free Shipping Policies

There are many advertised policies which convince us to buy from one retailer rather than another, but it is what is written after the first consumer-grabbing line, which will really determine if it is as good a deal as it looks.

3. The Hidden Costs of Restocking Fees

You may have seen the ads, "Try it for 30 days and return it for a full refund." or "We'll refund your money if you are not completely satisfied." These are powerful messages used to lure shoppers into buying a product on impulse. But what should we watch out for when buying something we are not sure that we want to keep? One answer is - restocking fees.

4. To Regift or Not To Regift...

Regifting is when you give someone a present that is a gift that someone gave to you. It is a form of gift-giving that is growing in popularity and is not considered as unacceptable as in the past. But regifting is not without its guidelines. Here you will find the information you need to make the regifting you plan on a real success.

5. Gift-Giving Guidelines for the Office

Are you considering buying gifts for people at work? Is your office doing the "let's pick names and exchange gifts" deal? If so, here are some idea’s so that you don't inadvertently squash anyone's toes or send the wrong message.

6. Necessity Gift Giving

During tough economic times many of us take a more serious look at what we spend our money on when buying gifts. When there is only so much money to spare, buying a video game rather than a new pair of shoes for our teenager seems silly. Yet we do not want to take all the fun out of opening presents. So how do we keep gift giving fun, but not wasteful?

7. Ten Worst Gift Ideas

We all mean well when we buy gifts for friends, family and co-workers, but sometimes we convince ourselves that something perfectly awful, is really a good gift for someone on our list. To avoid becoming the subject of family whispers, or the reason friends suddenly glance sideways at each other, take a look at the list of 10 worst gift-giving mistakes.

8. Shoppers Alert - Keep the Receipt!

A large majority of us will spend the week scurrying in and out of stores looking to complete our holiday shopping. Let's face it, buying someone a gift is like betting on a football game; sometimes it is a winner and sometimes a definite loser. And with prices going up and down one day to the next, if you want your money back on something you bought, you will need your receipt.

9. Tips on Returning Gifts - Hassle Free

After reading these tips, we know you'll give great gifts without spending money that you don't need to spend, but what about the presents that you receive? Chances are there will be something that needs to be returned. Here are secrets behind returning gifts without it ruining your day.

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