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Don't Get a DWS - Drinking While Shopping

The Cost May Put a Dent In Your Holiday Budget


"Tis the season to be jolly" but how "jolly" do we really want to be while out spending our money?

A popular direction among some retailers is to offer customers a "happy hour" experience while they shop. It's becoming less unique, especially in some of the more expensive stores, to see portable bars set-up with free drinks and hors d'oeuvres and happy hour product specials, all being offered in order to "pamper" patrons.

V.I.P (Very Important Person) or M.T.S (Make Them Stupid)?

This type of "specialty v.i.p." treatment is working. Shoppers are enjoying the attention and the relaxing feeling of their libations and feel obliged to make purchases because of the exquisite treatment they are receiving which could result in doing more impulsive and ego-driven buying rather then need-driven and sensible.

Malls are also creating more festive, party-type environments for their shoppers to enjoy. Most malls have parameter restaurants that sell alcoholic beverages and shoppers who would not normally drink with lunch, may be enticed to do so to help lighten their mood during this festive yet pressure packed time of the year. This can result in an increase of "good mood" impulse buying and major regrets later as the bills begin to roll in.

Avoid Becoming a DWS Victim

Consumer agencies often warn shoppers not to become victims of DWS (Drinking While Shopping) because of the negative effect it could have on their holiday budgets. Some will argue that consumer alerts are overly cautious and to lighten up! But no one can argue that the effects of alcohol on most people results in giddy, less detail attentive moods.

Shoppers who enjoy a few cocktails in the evening while they watch the televised shopping channels or surf online may also want to heed the consumer agencies warnings. Isolation shopping and drinking alone are a bad mix and it could lead to poor judgement.

Also, over spending and shopping "addiction" is at a greater risk when our faculties are skewed. The temptation to catch the best deal or bend our budgets could be intensified when our logic is overly "upbeat" due to the effects of alcohol.

Bottom Line

When you get down to it, do we really want to be making shopping decisions and pulling out our wallets with a festive "buzz" going on? Personally I prefer a good frothy cappuccino.

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