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The After Christmas Sales Rush

The Season for Smart Budget-Minded Shoppers has Just Begun!


By the time the holiday finally comes we are usually exhausted and our wallets are bare. But the thrifty shopper knows that there are real savings to be had the weekend following Christmas. Stores have a limited time to get rid of seasonal merchandise and start aggressively slashing prices during the final week of December.

By the middle of January, what is left is generally marked down again and the merchandise begins to look picked over and shop worn. However, don't be fooled--there is a lot of excellent merchandise to be found if you are willing to dig through the sale racks and bins.

Hot Deals to Look for Include:

Items that are price-slashed up to 70 percent off include anything related to holiday decorating such as ornaments, lighting, artificial trees, gift-wrapping, ribbon, cards, music and holiday table settings.

Holiday related sweater, turtlenecks, scarves and socks are usually aggressively discounted for the weekend after Christmas.

Holiday related linens, napkin holders, napkins, festive towels, area rugs and tree-skirts should be at least 60 percent off.

Winter clothing will generally be discounted up to 30 percent.

Most boots and winter shoes will receive second markdowns, bringing them from 20 to up to 40 percent off.

Tips for Buying Now for Next Years Gift Giving

After Christmas is the perfect time to collect items for next year gifts and stocking stuffers and birthday gifts.
  • Look for small items that will make great stocking stuffers for next year such as holiday themed socks, slippers and pajamas.
  • Make a list of birthday presents you will need next year. Items such as your daughter's favorite perfume can be found at big discounts if packaged in holiday packaging. Just remove the perfume from the box and repackage it for birthday giving.
  • Toys receive big discounts over the next few weeks. Buying now and packing it away can save you a ton of money over the next year.
  • Keep an eye out for festive ribbons that can be used for wrapping wedding presents or birthday presents for next year. White and gold trimmed ribbon, gold, silver and white tissue, and a generic festive paper and are useful buys.
  • For anyone on your list who is a big baker, look for holiday cookie cutters, pans, kitchen towels and aprons. Stores will generally discount this merchandise aggressively.
  • Holiday storage boxes will also come in handy and over the next few weeks will be the perfect time to buy them.
  • As you dig through sale racks, watch out for damaged items! The stores are filled with them now that the holiday rush has coming to an end.
If you make a list of expected gifts needed and focus on finding them on the after holiday sale tables, you will end up being delighted throughout the year on the money you have saved by buying now.

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