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Choosing the Appropriate Flowers to Send

Send the Right Message by Sending the Right Flowers



Flowers and the Meaning Behind Them

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Flower Glossary and Price Comparisons

There are times when flowers make the perfect gift, but you want to make sure the flowers that  you send also send the right message. There are flowers for specific occasions such as congratulatory flowers, flowers for sad times and flowers that also say, "I love you." Here is a quick glossary of the meaning of many of the most common flowers you will be selecting from when picking out your floral arrangements. Also included are links to help you find the best prices.


- Red Roses say "I Love You" and also sends a message of respect or courage.
- Light Pink Roses convey a message of admiration.
- Pink Roses represents grace and gentility.
- Rose Buds are symbolic of beauty and youth.


- Pink Carnations say, "You will never be forgotten."
- White Carnations represent innocence and sweetness.
- Red Carnations sends a message of admiration.

Lilies, Daffodils and Iris

- Calla Lilies represent beauty and splendor.
- Day Lilies are the Chinese emblem for mother.
- Daffodils are a symbol of respect.
- Iris represents faith, hope and wisdom.


The color of tulips send very specific and different messages.

- Yellow tulips represent cheerfulness.
- White tulips send a message of forgiveness.
- Purple tulips represent royalty.
- Red tulips send a message of perfect love.

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The wonderful thing about sending flowers is that even the most simple arrangement can be beautiful and send a powerful and heart-felt message.


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