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Shopping for a Grill

Getting the Best Price on a Grill


If you are in the market for a new grill this spring, you may want to consider buying locally rather than shopping online. When comparing prices and services, one major consideration for many is shipping and assembly costs.

Unlike past years, many of the local national chains have switched from charging to assemble grills (often up to $50) to now making it a free service. When calling around to Lowes, Home Depot, Sears, Wal-Mart and Target, all the stores in my area, but Target, will assemble for free. Target does not assemble grills at all.

Shipping costs will vary when you buy online. Many online merchants offer specials running Thursday through Sunday, where free shipping and no sales tax is promoted, although you will want to price-compare before you buy.

The one main advantage of shopping online for grills is that many of the top quality, expensive grills can be found, which is not always the case when shopping locally, however for average grills, often the prices are higher online.

Tips Before You Buy a New Grill

  • Choosing a Grill
    Narrow down which grill you want to purchase. Derrick Riches, the About.com Guide for Barbecues & Grilling explores the different grills available, by price in his article, Before You Buy a Gas Grill.

  • Compare Prices
    Compare prices online. I recommend Pricegrabber.com, but doing a search on Google will bring up several price-comparison sites. Type in the name and model of the grill you are interested in comparing to get results for just that grill. If you want to compare several grills, search by price.

  • Talk to a Sales Person
    Call your local store. Many times the online price and the local price at the same store will be different.

  • Search for Coupons
    If buying online, look for an online coupon for additional savings. Searching the A-Z Coupon Codes may turn up a coupon you can use for your online purchase.

  • Check the Newspaper and Weekly Ads
    If buying locally, check the newspaper for specials for the store you plan on making your purchase. Also, many times you can view your local stores weekly ads on line.

  • Buying Online
    Product Price + Shipping + Handling + Taxes - Online Coupons or Charge Card Discounts = Total

  • Locally
    Product Price + Taxes + Assembly - Coupons or Charge Card Discounts = Total

  • Ask Questions
    Before you buy speak with a sales representative, regardless if you are buying online or locally, and ask the following questions:
    • Is this the lowest price for this item?
    • Do you have any in-house coupons I can use towards the price?
    • Are there any other incentives being offered if I buy this item, such as a free barbecue set?
    • If the item gets marked down can I get the difference refunded?
  • Free Delivery to Store
    Lastly, if you find a grill online, but the store is out of stock locally, check to see if it is delivered to the store if the shipping and handling is free and the assembly before you buy it online.

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