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Goodwill Industries Internet Auction

Find a Pot of Gold for Pennies



Goodwill Auctions - Find Your Pot of Gold for Pennies

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If you enjoy hunting for treasures, browsing online auction sites and bidding against others to win a great find, then you may want to add the Goodwill Industries auction site to your list of places to shop.

Goodwill Industries moved from years of operating brick and mortar stores to launching an Internet auction site in August 1999. Since that time it has won Internet awards including being listed as a top 10 online auction site from TopTenREVIEWS and Time.com’s “50 Best Websites of 2009."

More than 30,000 items are for sale at any given time to bidders who visit the site, including music, jewelry, handbags and other apparel, electronics, toys, hardware, furniture, antiques, books, rare paintings, collectibles, and other desirable items.

How it Works

Potential buyers register, much like most Internet auctions, to place bids, and to utilize the "watch list" and "personal shopper services." Both features enable bidders to track and monitor specific items at any given time.

Pictures and clearly defined shipping terms round out the process, adding to the security of knowing the purchase is being made from a store and not an individual.

What About Assortment?

The categories of merchandise available is as vast and unique as what you can find in the stores. Items range from every day products such as lamps, used toys and clothing to jewelry, signed art and collectibles. Much like the stores, the anticipation of finding a pot of gold for pennies keeps potential buyers browsing the list of available items.

A rating system is also set up, much like eBay, however there are times when electrical and computer products are not tested. When an item is not tested it is always posted as such.

Revenues from shopgoodwill.com and Goodwill's retail stores fund job training and career services for people with disabilities, welfare recipients, dislocated workers and other job seekers. Goodwill channels 83 percent of its revenues into its career programs.

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