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Free and Cheap Summer Movies for Kids 2014

Free and Cheap Summer Movies for Kids


Update 2014

Remember as a child how much fun it was to go to the movies? Now you can give that same experience to your children, but for free or nearly free this summer.

Many movie theaters open the doors in the summer with free or nearly free movies for kids. The trend is continuing in 2014. Along with the movies, some of the theaters, for example Classic Cinemas, are having games and entertainment before the movies are shown. Other theaters offer special prices on concession stand refreshments.

The free or cheap movies shown during the summer programs are not generally the newest movies out, however, when the movies are shown on the big screens, with huge sound systems, and in a dark, cool theater, it is fun and exciting for children.

Times and Other Information

Theaters almost always run the summer movies on a weekday in the mornings. All of the theaters recommend that you get there early because of crowds and because most have a first-come, first-serve policy. You will want to pack up the kids early to insure they get a seat.

The free and cheap summer movie programs are fun and affordable and will help give the kids something to do and get them out of the heat.

Here are some of the theaters offering these programs.

1. Showcase Cinemas "Bookworm Wednesdays"

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Showcase Cinemas is running a program this summer to encourage reading by rewarding kids with a free seat at the movies in exchange for a book report. The program runs each Wednesday from July 9 - August 13, 2014. The movies being shown include "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2," "Epic," "Despicable Me 2," "The Croods,"  "Turbo," and "The Smurfs 2 in 3D."  More information...

2. Cinemark Theatres "Summer Movie Clubhouse"

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Cinemark invites children of all ages to the annual "Summer Movie Clubhouse," a 10-week series featuring movies for kids priced at $1 or less. The movies being shown include "The Croods," "Turbo," "The Smurfs 2," "Cloudy   with a Chance of Meatballs 2," "Walking with Dinosaurs," "The Lego Movie,"   and "Rio 2."  More information...

3. Classic Cinemas "Wednesday Morning Movie Series"

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Located in 12 communities in Illinois, children can enjoy nine weeks of recently released movies for $1 per movie.There are also games and activities planned for the children an hour before the movie begins. More information...

4. Malco Theatres "Kids' Summer Film Fest"

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Located in Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, and Tennessee, Malco Theatres are hosting the "Kids Summer Film Fest" through July 30. Movies run every Tuesday and Wednesday for $2 a ticket. The movies being shown include "Bee Movie," "Charlotte's Web," "Kung Fu Panda 1 & 2, " Madagascar 1, 2 and 3 and more. More information...

5. Marcus Theatres "Kids Dream"

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Enjoy movies at discounted prices in June, July and August during the Marcus Theatres "Kids Dream" summer film series. Admission is $2 and movies are shown three days a week, along with discounted popcorn and fountain drinks. The movie lineup includes, "The Lego Movie," "The Nut Job," "Turbo," "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2," and "The Croods." More information...

6. Marquee Cinemas Free Summer Movie Program

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Marquee Cinemas offers a special selection of free movies each week during the summer at no charge. There are different movies shown at different locations, but some of the lineup includes "The Croods," "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2," "Turbo," "Despicable Me 2," and many more. More information...

7. Regal "Summer Movie Express" Program

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Enjoy movies for just $1 for nine weeks during the summer at Regal movie theaters during the "The Summer Movie Express" event. The movies being shown includes " Hotel Transylvania," "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2," "Lego," "Madagascar 3," "Epic," "Turbo," and many more. More information...

8. Harkins Theatres "Summer Movie Fun"

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The "Summer Movie Fun" program at Harkins Theatres is running for 10 weeks during the summer. Season tickets can be purchased in advance for less than $1 per movie or on the day of the movie for $2. The movies being shown includes "Escape Planet Earth," "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2," "Despicable Me 2," "The Croods," and more. More information...
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