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Alabama Tax Free Shopping Information

Alabama Sales Tax Holiday


Alabama will hold its annual sales tax holiday Friday through Sunday, August 2 - 4, 2013 and February 22 - 24, 2013.

The tax free items include:

  • Clothing - $100 or less, per article of clothing.

  • Computers, Computer Software, School Computer Supplies - A single purchase with a sales price of $750 or less.

  • School Supplies, School Art Supplies, School Instructional Material- Sales price of $50 or less, per item.

  • Books – Sales Price of $30 or less, per book.
For a complete list of exempt items and taxable items visit The Alabama Dept. of Revenue.

Listed here are the counties and municipalities that have notified the Department of Revenue of their decision to participate or not participate in the Sales Tax Holiday. Each year the list changes, so be sure to check it so that you can plan accordingly.

Also, some localities have adopted the Sales Tax Holiday on a "limited" basis, whereby only a portion of the locality's total sales and use tax levy is exempted.

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