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How To Check In on Foursquare

Adding Friends on Foursquare Will Increase the Fun of the Game


Checking-in is the nucleus to how Foursquare works. The more times you check in the more points and badges you will earn.
  • How Checking In Works

    As you travel from place to place Foursquare will track your location through your phone's GPS.

    To check in, open the foursquare application on your phone and click "Check In" and then click "Places" to find your location or other check in locations near you. If you do not see your "place" listed, click "Not in List" and search using the partial name of the place. If you still cannot find the place that you want on the list you can then add it by using your phone.

    Once you are "checked in" that information will be shared with your Foursquare friends and on Facebook and Twitter, depending on the options you selected in your "Settings". You may also decide to keep your location private which is referred to as being "Off the Grid." This safety option allows you to earn points without letting people know your exact location.

    Many local businesses offer specials for a check-in which is indicated with a yellow "Special Nearby" icon when you're checking in to find new venues offering deals that are near you.

  • When You Have Problems Checking-In

    There may be times when you go to check-in, but you can't because Foursquare says you aren't at that location. There are several different reasons why this might occur and to try to get into each one goes beyond my technical skill. What I suggest is that if you do run into the problem regularly, visit the Foursquare Support page and search for your specific phone and the problem you are experiencing. But remember, you can always check in using Foursquare mobile on their website. Originally designed for members who have phones that there are no available apps for, the mobile website can also be accessed with your computer or laptop.

  • Rapid Fire Check-In Message

    If you receive the message "Rapid Fire" when you go to check-in, it is probably because you are checking in too often than what seems reasonable. Since Foursquare is a competitive game, sometimes people cheat in order to earn points, badges and mayorships. Other times, people, especially newcomers, may just be over anxious to try to get ahead in the game.

    Foursquare developed controls against fake check-ins in order to keep the game as fair as possible. To avoid getting a "rapid fire" message, you should only check-in to a venue when you actually go to that venue. Even the most active among us can only visit so many places in a day, and Foursquare has set reasonable limits as to how many they think that is and if you exceed it, you won't earn points, badges, or mayorships.

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